131 Best Amibroker AFL Collection (Tried & Tested)


Amibroker AFL stands for Amibroker Formula Language, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of profit to your trade through trading system rules, define your own indicators and custom commentaries. If you want to see the basics to advance the best β€œAFL” collection in one place, then you’ll LOVE this (updated) guide.

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If You are Not Familiar with Amibroker Software than Visit  |  Amibroker Software for Technical Analysis: The Definitive Guide 


Meet Our Best Amibroker AFL Collection


Love Trading? Plan and arrange your perfect strategy with Amibroker Afl collection, increasing the quantity of profit through the trading system from pipschart. This is NOT a lame Latest Amibroker AFL Collection predictions post. Instead, you’re going to see tested coding/programming of  AFL strategies that are working right. Afl for intraday trading is tested and reviewed base on Technical analysis. A complete guide to basic to advanced Afl Strategies that cover topics like Amibroker Code. 


Basic AFL for Trading
Advance  AFL For Amibroker
Combine AFL & Indicators
Modify AFL Indicator



Amibroker AFL


【 Mastering AmiBroker AFL: The Ultimate Guide to Enhance Your Trading Strategies β‹‘


β˜›   RSI Color Afl
β˜›   Risk Picker Afl 
β˜›   Price At A Specific RSI Afl
β˜›   Modify Aroon indicator Afl
β˜›   Parabolic SAR Buy Sell Signal Afl
β˜›   Higher High Lower High Afl
β˜›   Woodies CCI Indicator Afl 


β˜›  MACD Buy Sell Signal Afl  High Demand 
β˜›  Awesome Oscillator Afl 
β˜›  Turtle Trading System Afl  popular  
β˜›  15 Day WMA Volume Analysis Afl
β˜›  Vortex Indicator Afl 
β˜›  Volume Spiker X Afl  popular 
β˜›  Zig Zag Indicator Afl 
β˜›  Pivot Point Afl  
β˜›  VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) Afl  High Demand 
β˜›  Target Achiever Afl    



β˜›  Suppor Resistance Modified Afl 
β˜›  Modify The Flower Afl 
β˜›  Harmonic Pattrens Dynamic Levels Afl  
β˜›  ALL IN ONE Afl  High Demand 
β˜›  Modified RSI Indicator Afl 
β˜›  Keltner Bands Afl  popular  
β˜›  Identify Fear And Greed Afl
β˜›  Better RSI Vsualization Afl 
β˜›  Best Intraday Trading Afl  popular 
β˜›  Automatic Buy Sell Signal Afl



β˜›  MACD Adaptive Afl  popular  
β˜›  Wolfstein Trending Afl
β˜›  Martin Pring’s KST System Afl 
β˜›  TEMA Cross Over Afl 
β˜›  Bollinger Band Trend Filter Afl
β˜›  ATR Based Trading Afl  
β˜›  Trend 3MA 9-25-99 for Day Afl 
β˜›  5 Min Trading System (EMA 10 & EMA 20) Afl 
β˜›  Predicted Stochastic  Afl
β˜›  Band Detector Monthly Afl 



β˜›   Stochastic RSI Afl  High Demand 
β˜›   Price Break Out Detection Afl  
β˜›   Polynomial Afl  
β˜›   Separate Bull Bear Volume Afl  popular 
β˜›   Guppy Multiple Moving Average Afl  popular 
β˜›   Color MACD Afl 
β˜›   Flower Indicator Afl  popular 
β˜›   Kenzie SR System Afl  
β˜›   MTF NMA 3.5 Afl 
β˜›   Holy Grail Afl   High Demand 


β˜›   Smoothed RSI Afl 
β˜›   Parabolic SAR Intraday System Afl 
β˜›   Trendline Multiple Time Frame Afl  
β˜›   Nick MA Swing System Afl 
β˜›   Nirvana Afl   High Demand 
β˜›   Fibonacci Internal & External Retracement Afl 
β˜›   Bollinger Band Fibonacci Ratio And Heikin Ashi Afl  
β˜›   Buy And Sell Pressure Indicator Afl  
β˜›   Simple VWAP Strategy Afl  High Demand 
β˜›   Klinger Volume Oscillator Indicator Afl 



β˜›   Ichimoku Cronex Taichi Indicator Afl
β˜›   Williams Vix Fix with Bands Afl  
β˜›   Reverse Force Index Afl  popular  
β˜›   Hungkisvn Psychological index Afl 
β˜›   Relative Momentum Index Afl 
β˜›   Stoch KD Cloud Afl 
β˜›   Bull vs Bear Histogram Afl 
β˜›   Pin Bar Candlestick Pattern Detector Afl 
β˜›   Boring/Base Candle Detection Afl 
β˜›   50 Moving Average Pull Back Afl 



β˜›   Rank Percent Based Smooth ATR Afl 
β˜›   Double Weighted Moving Average Afl  
β˜›   Download % Away from MA Afl NEW 
β˜›   Smoothed Sensitive MA Afl  NEW 
β˜›   Ultimate Volatility Expert V3 Afl NEW 
β˜›   Alligator Afl  NEW 
β˜›   Double Stochastic 2 EMA Afl  NEW 
β˜›   Volume Explosion Afl NEW 
β˜›   Average True Range Percentage Afl  NEW 
β˜›   Historical Volatility Afl  NEW 



β˜›   Elliott Wave System Afl  NEW 
β˜›   Up Coming Afl  NEW 
β˜›   Afl  NEW 
β˜›   Afl  NEW 
β˜›   Afl  NEW 
β˜›   Afl  NEW 
β˜›   Afl  NEW 
β˜›   Afl  NEW 
β˜›    Afl NEW 
β˜›    Afl NEW 


Amibroker Video Tutorial

Video Can Do Everything. Watch Amibroker
Algo trading Video, It is easy to learn.

In this new guide you’ll learn:

β˜› How to use AFL for Amibroker
β˜› How to identify signal indicators AFL.
β˜› How to get signal from AFL & Indicators.
β˜› Algo-Trading series & Lots more

Let’s get started.


Amibroker AFL

01. Understanding AFL 

AFL Syntax

AFL follows a C-like syntax, making it relatively easy for programmers and traders to understand and write code. The language consists of predefined keywords, functions, and operators that can be combined to create complex trading algorithms.

Variables and Data Types

In AFL, variables are used to store and manipulate data. AFL supports various data types, including numerical, string, and array. Understanding how to declare and use variables is fundamental to writing effective AFL code.

Functions and Operators

AFL provides a wide range of built-in functions and operators to perform calculations, analyze data, and generate trading signals. These functions and operators can be used to implement technical indicators, perform mathematical calculations, and execute trading rules.

02. Building Trading Strategies with Amibroker AFL 

Amibroker AFL empowers traders to develop and backtest their own trading strategies. Here are some popular types of strategies that can be built using Amibroker:

Trend-Following Strategies

Trend-following strategies aim to capture price movements in the direction of the prevailing trend. Traders can utilize AFL to create indicators such as moving averages, trend channels, and trend strength measures to identify and trade with the trend.

Mean Reversion Strategies

Mean reversion strategies exploit the tendency of prices to revert to their mean or average value. Traders can develop AFL code to identify overbought or oversold conditions, detect price divergences, or implement statistical tests to capture mean-reverting opportunities.

Breakout Strategies

Breakout strategies aim to profit from significant price movements following a period of consolidation. Traders can leverage AFL to identify breakouts based on price patterns, volatility indicators, or other technical analysis tools.

03. Backtesting and Optimization 

Backtesting is a critical step in evaluating the performance of trading strategies. Amibroker’s robust backtesting engine allows traders to test their AFL code against historical data to assess its profitability and risk characteristics. Additionally, optimization tools enable fine-tuning of strategy parameters for improved performance.

Importance of Backtesting

Backtesting helps traders validate their trading ideas and understand the historical performance of their strategies. By simulating trades on historical data, traders can assess factors such as profitability, drawdowns, and risk-to-reward ratios.

Parameters Optimization

Amibroker provides optimization tools to automate the search for optimal parameter values within a defined range. Traders can use these tools to fine-tune their strategies and identify parameter combinations that yield the best results.

Walk-Forward Analysis

Walk-forward analysis is a robust technique to validate the performance of a trading strategy over different market conditions. It involves dividing historical data into multiple segments, optimizing parameters on one segment, and testing on subsequent segments to ensure the strategy remains robust.

04. Exploring AFL Libraries and Community 

Amibroker’s AFL language is complemented by a vibrant community of traders and developers who share their AFL code and ideas. Traders can leverage pre-built AFL libraries, functions, and indicators to enhance their analysis and gain insights from the collective wisdom of the community.

Pre-built AFL Functions and Indicators

The Amibroker community has developed an extensive collection of AFL functions and indicators that can be easily integrated into trading strategies. These pre-built tools save time and effort, allowing traders to focus on strategy development rather than reinventing the wheel.

Sharing and Collaborating with AFL

Amibroker’s AFL code is easily shareable, enabling traders to collaborate, seek feedback, and learn from others. Online forums, social media groups, and dedicated websites host a wealth of AFL resources, discussions, and collaborative opportunities.

05. Creating Custom Indicators and Systems 

Amibroker AFL offers traders the flexibility to create their own custom indicators and trading systems tailored to their specific requirements.

AFL Indicator Creation

Traders can utilize AFL to build unique technical indicators that are not readily available in standard charting platforms. By combining different mathematical calculations and market data, traders can derive powerful insights and develop proprietary indicators.

System Exploration and Testing

AFL enables traders to design and test complete trading systems that incorporate multiple indicators, position sizing rules, and trade management strategies. System testing allows traders to evaluate the performance and robustness of their trading rules under different market conditions.

06 . Integration with Brokers and Data Providers 

Amibroker can be integrated with various brokers and data providers to access real-time and historical market data, execute trades, and automate trading strategies.

Connecting Amibroker to a Broker

Through integration with compatible brokers, traders can execute trades directly from the Amibroker platform, enabling seamless automation of trading strategies. This integration streamlines the trading workflow and reduces manual intervention.

Importing Real-Time and Historical Data

Amibroker supports integration with various data providers, allowing traders to import real-time and historical market data. Accurate and timely data is essential for developing and backtesting trading strategies.

07. Advanced AFL Techniques 

Advanced traders can push the boundaries of Amibroker AFL by incorporating statistical analysis, machine learning, and other sophisticated techniques into their trading strategies.

Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning

Traders can leverage AFL’s capabilities to perform statistical analysis on historical data, identify patterns, and develop predictive models. Machine learning algorithms can be integrated to enhance the accuracy and adaptability of trading strategies.

Portfolio Optimization

AFL can be used to optimize portfolio allocation and risk management. Traders can explore techniques such as Markowitz’s mean-variance optimization, risk parity, or factor-based portfolio construction to enhance portfolio performance and manage risk effectively.

Risk Management

Effective risk management is crucial for long-term trading success. Traders can implement risk management techniques within AFL code, such as position sizing rules, stop-loss orders, and portfolio diversification, to mitigate potential losses and protect capital.

08. Limitations and Considerations 

While Amibroker AFL offers immense flexibility and power, it is important to be aware of certain limitations and considerations when utilizing the platform.

Data Limitations

Accurate and reliable data is essential for meaningful analysis and strategy development. Traders should ensure the data they use for backtesting and live trading is of high quality and covers the required time period.

Overfitting and Curve Fitting

Overfitting occurs when a trading strategy performs exceptionally well on historical data but fails to generalize to unseen data. Traders must be cautious about over-optimizing their strategies to fit historical data perfectly, as it may result in poor performance in live trading.

Real-Time Execution Challenges

Real-time execution of trading strategies can present challenges such as latency, slippage, and order execution speed. Traders should account for these factors and conduct thorough testing to ensure their strategies perform as expected in live trading environments.


Amibroker Signal AFL FAQ


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What is Amibroker AFL

Amibroker Formula Language (AFL) could be a high-level language accustomed to produce commercialism systems and Algorithms. It is terribly simple to know this programming language if you begin from basics. Also, a basic understanding of Technical analysis, higher precedence trading rule, compound statement, equality check, closing prices, the graph line, and trading terminologies is a pre-requisite for Amibroker coding.

AmiBroker is a powerful technical analysis software for traders and investors. It allows users to analyze stock, futures, and forex markets using custom formulas, known as AFL (AmiBroker Formula Language).

AFL is a proprietary programming language designed specifically for use with AmiBroker. It is based on the C programming language and has a simple, easy-to-use syntax. With AFL, traders and investors can create their own custom indicators, backtesting systems, and automated trading strategies.

One of the key features of AFL is its ability to backtest trading strategies. This allows users to see how a particular strategy would have performed in the past, based on historical market data. This can be useful in evaluating the potential profitability of a strategy and identifying any potential issues.

Another important feature of AFL is its ability to scan for potential trading opportunities. This can be done using custom scans, which are programmed using AFL. These scans can be used to identify stocks or other markets that meet certain criteria, such as a certain price range or a specific technical indicator.

AFL also supports real-time trading, allowing users to execute trades directly from AmiBroker. This can be done using various trading platforms, such as Interactive Brokers or MetaTrader.

Overall, AmiBroker AFL is a powerful tool for traders and investors. It provides a wide range of functionality, including backtesting, scanning, and real-time trading. This allows users to create custom indicators, backtesting systems, and automated trading strategies, which can help them make more informed trading decisions. 


How Does Amibroker AFL Works

Amibroker is provided with a robust formula language permitting you to write down trading system rules, outline your own indicators, include backtesting futures and custom commentaries. If anyone inputs amibroker trading system code or trading rule and writes his logic with AFL code than Amibroker gives you a real chart. By amibroker trend following system logic, you can easily watch what happens in the market with the help of a chart.


Importance of Latest AFL for Amibroker

Amibroker could be a style retail package for technical analysis and measuring. An outsizes variety of AFL for Amibroker is available for free download on the internet but most of the shortage correct writing. Also, several AFL conjointly doesn’t have clearly outlined the commerce plan behind the strategy. We have a tendency to be attempting to collate all sensible Afl Amibroker and AFL writing ideas here.

Each AFL which announce here is custom developed by its authors and is properly documented. We keep all AFL its default values like price array, closing prices, price array identifiers, a function call, the graph line, equality check, assignment operator, compound statement, higher precedence, trading rule by its authors. You’ll not realize any duplicated or leftover best Amibroker AFL collection during this section.


What is the Benefit to Use AFL

There are a lot of benefits to using the AFL formula. It saves your time to take a perfect decision on behave of the buy-sell of a stock or other equipment. Also by using the world best Amibroker AFL you can easily increase your money fast.

As Afl strategies are based on logic, trading rule, and backtesting futures, so you may easily input logic on your way. On the Other hand, Afl library gives you the option to modify code with your way. So to improve logic with your own logic it is best forever.


Which Amibroker Indicator is for Beginners

In TA indicator world there is lot of indicator, price action and topics out there. Most of the trading logic or trading strategy are same and also most of the function call is modify. So, as a investing in stocks for beginners – we give you the right way to do in your Forex trading or Stock trading with real time charting platform or amibroker market profile. Let’s see swing trading strategies, stock price afl or TA indicator (like amibroker trailing stop) learning shortlist here : TA indicators what you use


Can I use Amibroker AFL with any broker?

Amibroker AFL can be integrated with compatible brokers that offer an API for automated trading. Ensure that your broker supports Amibroker integration before attempting to connect.


Is Amibroker AFL suitable for beginners?

While AFL may have a learning curve, beginners can start with simple strategies and gradually explore more advanced concepts. The Amibroker community and online resources provide ample support for beginners.


Which AFL Formula is for Professionals

If you are a professionals and know advance Technical Analysis terms & conditions then you are the right place in here. In Combine Amibroker AFL Collection Section you find a lot of indicator which is especially write for professionals with programming language. Also in this section, Amibroker Afl complete coding highest profit plan gives you a clear idea or modified signals for trading.


Can I download free afl for amibroker

Yes, you can. Free Afl for Amibroker formula is totally free for any person. In trade world, many programmer write new afl for amibroker for their trading purpose. They open it for free. So its better to find amibroker latest afl or best intraday indicator for amibroker afl download from here. You may cheek out our Amibroker AFL Script Library. It’s easy to copy and paste it into your system. 


Can I have a knowledge Amibroker (AFL) Programming to Use

No, you need not know Afl programming like the term price array, close array, open array, array processing, price reference, previous value, default values, price array identifiers, function call, Post fix increment, conditional expression, color index, single function, Built-in Functions, double quotes, initial value, scalar value, Numeric constants, array elements, graph N name, escape sequence and so on.

Just download AFL Code file and input it into Amibroker Software. amibroker correlation it’s data and then it is ready to use. people also ask us,”how to write afl code for amibroker?”. If you want to go advanced level than need to know Afl programming. Don’t panic – it’s easy to write. It’s not a huge knowledge. It’s simple to input your myatr advance logic.


Which coding language used in AmiBroker?

AmiBroker uses its own proprietary programming language called AmiBroker Formula Language (AFL). AFL is based on the C programming language and has a simple, easy-to-use syntax that is specifically designed for use with AmiBroker. It allows users to create custom indicators, backtesting systems, and automated trading strategies that can be used to analyze stock, futures, and forex markets. AFL also provides a wide range of built-in functions and indicators that can be used to analyze markets, identify trading opportunities, and execute trades.

Can I back test multiple instruments simultaneously in Amibroker?

Yes, Amibroker allows simultaneous backtesting of multiple instruments, making it convenient for portfolio-level analysis and testing.


In which language (JAVA, PYTHON, etc.) Coding is required For Amibroker AFL Collection

Programming in Amibroker Formula Language (AFL) is not that different from programming in any other language. If you are looking for general introduction to programming any language tutorial would do because programming is not about syntax but about general concepts such as variables, functions, loops, etc.

Also have to know the terms like price array, default values, price array identifiers, function call, Postfix increment, conditional expression, color index, single function, Built-in Functions, double quotes, initial value, scalar value, Numeric constants, array elements, graph N name, escape sequence and so on. 

Amibroker Formula Language is syntactically similar to plain old C and Java Script but easier to use. It also has lots of functions that are trading related but general concepts are common in languages. One thing that is worth understanding is concept of array processing.

Contrary to many general-purpose languages, Amibroker is able to process entire arrays (data series) without using loops which makes it both faster and easier to use than “regular” language. Getting this concept right is fundamental to write an efficient AFL code.


Are there any limitations on the complexity of AFL code? 

Amibroker can handle complex AFL code, but it is important to ensure that the code is optimized for performance and does not cause unnecessary processing delays.


Can I use machine learning algorithms in Amibroker AFL?

Yes, Amibroker AFL supports integration with machine learning libraries and can be used to implement and test machine learning algorithms for trading purposes.


How to Download Amibroker AFL

How to apply afl in Amibroker ? – You may download the top best AFL indicator or Technical indicator by clicking the upper section title link. Firstly choose which AFL Code you need and find it in the complete top list. By entering clicking you will see the details article. Just study it & get the code.

Now the question is, How to use afl in amibroker? In Afl language  code writing section you see the raw code of indicators. You may just copy it and use it in your amibroker software. Also if you are not familiar with that just click the button to download it.


How to Add AFL Code in Amibroker

How to setup the Amibroker AFL – It is a very easy step. Also amitraders find the question like “how to add afl file in amibroker?”. The ans is –  Firstly you find the location of the software where you install it. Normally it installs into the β€œC” drive of a computer. Try to go this location like β€œC\Program Files\AmiBroker\Formulas\Custom. [For 32 bit]β€œ. If you have a 64-bit operating system than paste it β€œC\Program Files(x86)\AmiBroker\Formulas\Custom”.

If you copy the  AFL Code from Afl for amibroker collection Code Section Area than just paste it into any file and rename it. If you are download directly than just paste here. 

For More Watch Our Video  | β¦Ώ Amibroker | How to Set Afl Code 


How do I make AFL for AmiBroker?

There are several steps involved in creating AFL for AmiBroker:

Learn the basics of the AFL language: Before you can start creating AFL, you need to have a good understanding of the language. You can learn the basics of AFL by reading the documentation provided by AmiBroker or by taking an online course.

Develop a trading strategy: Before you start coding, you need to have a clear idea of the trading strategy you want to implement. This should include the entry and exit criteria, as well as any money management rules.

Write the code: Once you have a clear idea of your strategy, you can start writing the code. You can use the built-in AFL Editor in AmiBroker to write and test your code.

Test the code: Once you have written the code, you need to test it to make sure it works correctly. You can do this by backtesting your strategy using historical data.

Optimize the code: Once you have tested your code, you can optimize it by making adjustments and running more tests. This will help you improve the performance of your strategy.

Implement the AFL: Once you are satisfied with your code, you can implement it in AmiBroker. You can then use it to analyze markets, identify trading opportunities, and execute trades.

It is important to note that creating AFL is a complex process that requires a good understanding of the AmiBroker software and the AFL language. It can take some time to learn the basics and develop a trading strategy. However, with practice, you can become proficient in creating AFL and using it to improve your trading results.


How do I learn AmiBroker AFL coding?

There are several ways to learn AmiBroker AFL coding:

Read the documentation: AmiBroker provides detailed documentation on the AFL language, including examples and tutorials. This is a great place to start learning the basics of the language.

Take an online course: There are several online courses available that cover the basics of AmiBroker AFL coding. These courses can provide a good foundation and help you learn the language quickly.

Join a forum or community: There are several forums and communities dedicated to AmiBroker and AFL. Joining one of these groups can be a great way to learn from other users and get help with specific coding issues.

Practice: The best way to learn AFL is by practice. Start with simple codes and gradually increase the complexity as you become more comfortable with the language.

Learn from existing codes: There are many AFL codes available online, you can learn from them by reading the codes and understanding how they work. This can be a great way to learn new techniques and strategies.

It is important to note that learning AmiBroker AFL coding can be challenging, especially if you have no programming experience. However, with practice and dedication, you can become proficient in the language and use it to create custom indicators, backtesting systems, and automated trading strategies. 

Become an AFL Creator | Amibroker Training Course

Now It’s Your Turn. In this new guide you’ll learn:
β˜› Create Amibroker Database. | β˜› Install AFL Code.
β˜› Set Amibroker chart color. | β˜› Import MataStock data into Amibroker.

Let’s get started ➜

“Allah Has Permitted Trade And Has Forbidden Interest”

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