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This is a list of stock exchanges in Oceania. There are 08 exchanges in Oceania, representing 04 nations’ capital markets.
Australian Securities Exchange, Chi-X Australia, National Stock Exchange of Australia, South Pacific Stock Exchange, New Zealand Exchange, and PNGX Markets Limited are the most popular exchange in Oceania.



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At present, There are 08 exchanges in Oceania, representing 04 nations’ capital markets.
In Australia, there are 5 stock markets & those are the largest equity market in Oceania.
The National Stock Exchange of Australia is the oldest market which is established in the year 1937.
On the other hand, South Pacific Stock Exchange is the second oldest market in Oceania is founded in 1971.





Economy Exchange Location Founded Link Technology Operating MIC
Australia APTEX Sydney 2008
Australia Sydney Stock Exchange Melbourne 1997 Nasdaq X-stream APXL
Australia Australian Securities Exchange Sydney 1987 ASX Nasdaq Genium INET
Australia Chi-X Australia Melbourne 2008 CXA
Australia National Stock Exchange of Australia Sydney 1937 NSX Nasdaq X-stream XNEC
Fiji South Pacific Stock Exchange Suva 1971 SPX XSPS
New Zealand New Zealand Exchange Wellington 2002 NZX Nasdaq X-stream
Papua New Guinea PNGX Markets Limited Port Moresby 1999 PNGX Nasdaq Matching Engine XPOM

Reference | All Data and information are colled from wikipedia , google search engine and KrT group Research



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