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Meet Our Amibroker AFL Collection


Amibroker Sample Code Constructs Stock data with AFL Programming and it provides
a dynamic chat in front of our trading platform. Amibroker AFL code writing refers
to the source code of Amibroker Afl strategies.


☑  RSI Color Afl
☑  Risk Picker Afl
☑  Price At A Specific RSI Afl
☑  Modify Aroon indicator Afl
☑  Parabolic SAR Buy Sell Signal Afl
☑  Higher High Lower High Afl
☑  Woodies CCI Indicator Afl
☑  Candlestick Pattern Afl
☑  Candlestick Pattern with Shading Afl
☑  Pattern Candlestick Recognition Afl

☑  Volume Price Analysis with Text Afl
☑  Volume Price Analysis (VPA) Related Vol Afl
☑  Volume Oscillator Zone Afl
☑  Volume Histogram Afl
☑  Bollinger Bands Afl
☑  Bollinger Bands squeeze Afl
☑  Bollinger Band ZigZag Indicator 4 Afl
☑  Bollinger Fibonacci Bands Afl
☑  Buffer Line Up Buffer Line Down Afl
☑  RSI Trending Afl

☑  KAMA System Complete Afl
☑  Grid-Month week Quarter Afl
☑  Yogya Daily Trading Guide Afl
☑  Sun & Cloud System Based Amibroker Afl
☑  RSI AND ADX Intraday Profit Generator Afl
☑  TTS system V 4
☑  Intraday Trading Afl
☑  Amazing Trailing Stop Loss Afl
☑  Kbpp Hyrsystem Afl 
  MACD Adaptive Afl  

  MACD Buy Sell Signal Afl 
  Awesome Oscillator Afl 
  Turtle Trading System Afl  
  15 Day WMA Volume Analysis Afl
  Vortex Indicator Afl 
  Volume Spiker X Afl 
  Zig Zag Indicator Afl 
  Pivot Point Afl  
  VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) Afl 
  Target Achiever Afl

  Suppor Resistance Modified Afl 
  Modify The Flower Afl 
  Harmonic Pattrens Dynamic Levels Afl  
  Modified RSI Indicator Afl 
  Keltner Bands Afl  
  Identify Fear And Greed Afl
  Better RSI Vsualization Afl 
  Best Intraday Trading Afl 
  Automatic Buy Sell Signal Afl 

  TEMA Cross Over Afl 
  Bollinger Band Trend Filter Afl 


☑  Butterfly Pattern for Amibroker Afl
☑  Parallel Trend Lines 2 Afl
☑  Trend Chart v.2 Afl
☑  Coral Trend Indicator Afl
☑  Linear Regression Channel Afl
☑  Swing Support and Resistance Afl
☑  Valid Auto Support Resistance Afl
☑  Heiken Ashi with Support Resistance Afl
☑  Valid Supply-Demand Zones Indicator Afl
☑  Modify Volume Price Analysis Afl

☑  Color Bollinger Bands Afl
☑  Multiple Trend Lines Afl
☑  WMA Cross Afl
☑  WMA Band with Explain Afl
☑  Top Bottom Long MA Afl
☑  Double Exponential Moving Average Afl
☑  Advanced Moving Average Buy Sell Afl
☑  Nirmala Pattern Afl
☑  T3 Buy Sell Update Afl
☑  Trade with Target Afl

   Stochastic RSI Afl 
   Price Break Out Detection Afl  
   Polynomial Afl  
   Separate Bull Bear Volume Afl 
   Guppy Multiple Moving Average Afl 
   Color MACD Afl 
   Flower Indicator Afl 
   Kenzie SR System Afl  
   MTF NMA 3.5 Afl 
   Holy Grail Afl

   Smoothed RSI Afl 
   Parabolic SAR Intraday System Afl 
   Trendline Multiple Time Frame Afl  
   Nick MA Swing System Afl 
   Nirvana Afl 
   Fibonacci Internal & External Retracement Afl 
   Bollinger Band Fibonacci Ratio And Heikin Ashi Afl  
   Buy And Sell Pressure Indicator Afl  
   Simple VWAP Strategy Afl 
   Klinger Volume Oscillator Indicator Afl 

   Ichimoku Cronex Taichi Indicator Afl 
   Williams Vix Fix with Bands Afl  
   Reverse Force Index Afl  
   Hungkisvn Psychological index Afl 
   Relative Momentum Index Afl 
   Stoch KD Cloud Afl 
   Bull vs Bear Histogram Afl 
   Pin Bar Candlestick Pattern Detector Afl
  Wolfstein Trending Afl
  Martin Pring’s KST System Afl   



  Practice Makes Perfect 

Amibroker Buy Sell SIGNAL 



How do i learn AFL Code?

Programming in AmiBroker Formula Language (AFL) isn’t that different from programming in the other language. AmiBroker Formula Language is syntactically almost like plain old C and JScript but easier to use. It also has many functions that are trading related but general concepts are common in languages.

AmiBroker is in a position to process entire arrays (data series) without using loops which makes it both faster and easier to use than “regular” language. The only way to learn is to keep practicing. 


Amibroker AFL Code for Intraday

Intraday refers to price movements of a given security over the course of 1 day of trading. it’s generally wont to describe the high and low price of a stock or option during a given trading day or session. Amibroker AFL Code for Interday gives that choice to watch trading in one platform by your own strategy or logic. 

Our intraday trading example (AFL) provides much logical code which is formed by the successful traders. This section allows anyone to realize the best Amibroker Afl indicator download from here. 


Amibroker Exploration AFL Code

Amibroker AFL Exploration means the nematic trading data shown to at least one platform. Actually it shows you logical data ahead of you. When a trader uses Afl of Amibroker for a stock, there’s tons of item, company or pairs. So it’s tough to trace out perfect stock by a brief time of period. For that then we use Exploration AFL Code.

In the latest AFL for Amibroker or new Amibroker AFL, there could also be all haven’t to incorporate Amibroker AFL Exploration but most of them. It depends on Amibroker Afl code languages.


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Amibroker is that the most user-friendly chart analysis software which is specializing in writing technical analysis. Amibroker is completely focused on creating advanced, highly customization technical analysis platform. Learn More



Amibroker Formula Language (AFL) might be a high level language systems and Algorithms. it’s terribly simple to understand if you start from basics. During this Section, All AFL are intepretation by its logic and norms. Learn More




Chart Can Talk. Images for Amibroker AFL allow to understand about details amibroker buy sell signals. Amibroker charts are created from efficient AFL Code. So, for better trading there’s no alternative for amibroker afl chart. Learn More 



Around the world, there’s tons of Amibroker technical indicators and AFL Code Wizard. But all aren’t interoperated detailed. Amibroker Video tutorial gives you the opportunities to understand the best AFL ever for amibroker. Learn More


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