Amibroker Software: The Definitive Guide (2022 Update)


It’s no secret that Amibroker Software is the most important platform in Technical Analysis.

In fact, it’s a culmination of several different skills: you need to master technical analysis, amibroker AFL, AFL programming, amibroker coding and good trading strategy if you want to make handsome amount of money with trading.

Bottom line? If you want more profit with trading, to use amibroker software is a must.

And in this guide we are going to show you everything you need to know about amibroker software.

Let’s dive right in.





Amibroker Software Basic

Amibroker software -Your Making profit fast software. This software makes your portfolio enrich and brings it to a high level. By using Amibroker as a financial platform help to make a perfect decision about trade. This is a chart analysis software which is used every kind of financial equipment like Forex & Forex Trading, Day Trading, Stock Market, Metastock, Commodity, Bond, Stock & Technical Analysis and so on.



What is AmiBroker software ?

Amibroker is well-known software in this world. There is many software available in this world but the question is why Amibroker? The answer is in one line “This is the most user friendly chart analysis software”. Amibroker is totally focused on creating advanced, highly customization technical analysis software. By using Amibroker software we can easily predict future by any sense.



About Amibroker Software

AMIBROKER.COM is a small software company specializing in writing technical analysis software called AmiBroker. Tomasz Janeczko, the founder, and chief of software. The software is being developed using professional industry-standard Visual C++ 6.0 and Microsoft Foundation Classes library.

For More Information go |



Features List of Amibroker Software

Powerful Charting: Object-oriented drawing tools, drag and drop indicator creating capabilities, modern customization user interface, multiple time frame on charts, popular built-in indicators, etc.

Symbol and Quotes Database: Build up and store historical data, unlimited number of symbols and quotes, powerful filters, etc.

AmiBroker Formula Language: It is an advanced formula language that allows you to create your own indicators, trading systems, and commentaries. It is specifically designed for traders so writing technical analysis formulas is easier and quicker than in general-purpose languages. It features more than 200 built-in AFL functions to use as building blocks for your formulas.

Back-Testing and Screening: Automatic analysis window enables you to scan your database for symbols matching your defined buy/sell rules. AmiBroker automatically produces the report telling you if buy/sell signals occurred on a given symbol in the specified period of time. You can also perform full-featured back-testing of your trading strategy, giving you an idea about the performance of your system.

The list of things that AmiBroker can do is almost unlimited and it would be best to check here and here.

It is very important to understand that if you decide to go ahead with AmiBroker, it will most likely be self-learning, learning from online blogs/forums or from the AmiBroker tutorial section itself.



Requirement to use Amibroker Software

Amibroker software use only the windows operating system. To run Amibroker there is a minimum configuration need. To run products you would need  > Any Intel x86 compatible CPU > Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2K  > 512MB RAM and > 100MB disc space.



Amibroker Software on Tablet or Smartphones 

AmiBroker is a Windows-only application, so you cannot run it on iPad, iPhone, Android tablets or smartphones, or other devices operating an ARM processor.

To run AmiBroker on a tablet, you need a tablet with a full Windows version and an Intel processor. There are plenty of such tablets available, some of them very competitively priced: MS Surface Pro (pricey) and Asus Transformer T100, Dell Venue 8 Pro, Acer Iconia W4-821 which are very nicely done and extremely well priced.

You can also consider using remote access tools like Team-viewer or LogMeIn and just accessing your PC over the web from your tablet and/or smartphone.


Can we make profit to use Amibroker Software?

Yes, you may make a huge profit by trading with the help of using Amibroker software. Basically, Amibroker helps you to make the perfect decision. It does not seem that you put it and Software makes you a profit. Amibroker AFL helps you to do a perfect job. Your knowledge of Technical Analysis makes your trading perfect. Amibroker Software AFL Formula helps to predict future forecasts that you may make to make a decision.

Here, Amibroker is so much value because it’s very clear that with this software you will be earning money in trading. The software doesn’t guarantee your profit or earning. It helps you to give some logical reason. Example Buy this stock or sell it. So, first of all, gain some technical and fundamental knowledge about the market and stocks.


Amibroker Software Review

In trading World, there is so many Technical Analysis Software are available. Most of them are free for trading platform. Some of them are fully professional. Amibroker is one of them. So for this many website create a software review. Many website rating Amibroker Software with the help of their customer. Some of them review by themselves. Some Amibroker  Review are directly publish below.


Amibroker Review



Modify Heiken Ashi Candle With Auto Support Resistance for Amibroker afl



Why Amibroker Software ?

Amibroker Software is a Ultimate Professional Stock Charting Software for Individual and Professional Traders. AmiBroker, an advanced and feature rich technical analysis software provides powerful charting, analytical functions and trading system for individual and professional traders and investors. It is reliable and accurate. The software is thoroughly tested and used every day by thousands of traders, and fund managers. Its renowned back-tester can reproduce virtually any trading strategy with real-life accuracy.

AmiBroker is powerful yet flexible. It provides an open architecture, free API (application programming interface) that enables to link to any data vendor. The API comes with source code of actual indicator and data plugins. There is also extensive OLE/ActiveX automation interface available. So, AmiBroker can be customize to fit your personal trading needs. You wouldn’t be limited by the software. The limit lies in your own imagination and creativity.



What is the benefit to Use Amibroker Software?

AmiBroker is a comprehensive technical analysis program, with an advanced charting, back-testing and scanning capabilities. It gives everything you need to trade successfully. Its most powerful benefit is that you may get everything in one platform for Trading. In one word, you can get everything  in one place for trading. 

✔ Powerful charting
✔ Multiple data feeds
✔ Symbol & quotes database
✔ AmiBroker Formula Language (AFL).
✔ Formula Editor / Drag-drop charting.

✔ Portfolio Management.
✔ Scripting/COM/DLL support
✔ Automatic Chart Commentaries and Interpretation.
✔ Portfolio-Level system (back-testing, optimization, explorations and screening)



Why Amibroker Software is so much valuable ?

Amibroker is so much valuable because it’s very clear that after purchasing this software you will be earning money in trading. The software doesn’t guarantee your profit or earning. It helps you to give some logical reason. Example Buy this stock or sell it. So first of all gain some technical and fundamental knowledge about the market and stocks and if you have that knowledge then you can purchase this software.

Simply investing in the market doesn’t depend upon one factor. You have to check every factor and using software is in one of those not all. Amibroker platform is more valuable when you use all logical indicators on it. It is more valuable when one trader inputs valuable information to use it. Just input logical data into Amibroker and Amibroker provide you flexible data & analysis future forecast to see you the future.

Also now a day there are many logical AFL that already exists which is made by the successful trader. That Afl is really helpful for every trader. Also if you want to change logic, it also allows you to format it by yourself. In this sense, Amibroker Software is really so much value for every successful trader.



Which is better Metastock vs Amibroker?

Amibroker,  Metastock  are different tools for trading financial instruments. Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Metatrader are basically trading analysis software’s comes with prepacked technical analysis software and you can also use their scripting features to create your own trading strategies, indicators and even automate your trading strategies.

Amibroker uses AFL (Amibroker Formula Language) to create indicators/strategies which is a sort of vector programming language.
Metatrader uses mql scripts (similar to C/C++ programs).
Ninjatrader uses Ninjascript ( based on C Sharp).

All the trading platforms are evolved in the algo trading space especially metatrader & ninjatrader are into evolved more into the system trading space with huge community support.

Ninjatrader is themself a broker cum trading analysis software and NinjaTrader 7 & Ninjatrader 8 software license comes at free of cost.
Metatrader 4&5 are offered by brokers as trading terminals with powerful features like autotrading & more indicators comes handle from metatrader website. Generally you can download MT4& MT5 version at free of cost.
Amibroker License fee is 349 USD (Terms & Condition Apply)  whereas if you are comfortable with limited features even their trial version covers 99% of features at free of cost.


Amibroker is primarily a charting tool that was specifically built for a set of traders who use technical analysis for predicting the price, volume of stocks in the market. This tool allows you to create very detailed graphs of stock price and volume and then do an analysis on the same.

Amibroker provides a proprietary language called AFL which is used to develop logic on the platform. While the intended use of Amibroker is for Historical data analysis, we have seen a number of traders in India try to fit with a live feed and an order placement module (or integrate with an existing one such as Omnesys) and try and use it for algorithmic trading. Their success overall has been limited though.

Metastock is another tool that is primarily used for automated trading and is very popular in the currency market. The mechanics of this market is different from an exchange as this market is supported by dealers. If you are trading currency markets then Meta Trader is your best bet to start with.






What is the cost of Amibroker?


Right Now in 2020, the First-time user license for AmiBroker Standard Edition is $279. This includes support and free upgrades for 12 or 24* months. Professional Edition costs $339. Also, there is a package. Choose one of them. For more to know visit Amibroker software price list.

What is the price of AmiBroker?



How much does Amibroker cost in India? 

Now a day, Amibroker Software in India is so much popular to Indian users of Amibroker. This is a software developed by Tomasz Janeczko from Poland. Thomasz initially built it for personal use in mid-90s but today it became the most popular retail software for Financial Market Analysis. He works with a small but highly efficient team for development and support for Amibroker.

If you are an Indian & ask a question, Where can I purchase AmiBroker in India? Then Thomasz inform that –

All sales are via our international web page There is NO India-only shop. You can purchase directly in our web shop here using credit card or PayPal. Or you can use FastSpring to pay by wire.

No-one in India is authorized to sell/resell AmiBroker. If you buy from anybody else it is illegal and you risk your computer security and you will not receive any technical support and upgrades. Do NOT buy AmiBroker from ANYONE in India. They are NOT legally allowed to offer AmiBroker and they are NOT allowed to use AmiBroker as part of their “signals” package. This is all illegal.

The price of Amibroker is standard for India or other countries. As The prices are $339 and $279 respectively so the professional version of Amibroker (for intraday trading) costs aprox Rs. 23,000 and standard version (for positional trading) costs aprox Rs. 19,000.

Amibroker India Free Download – The trial version of Amibroker Software is free to download at amibroker website. The trial version is sufficient for even automated intraday trading. This is because there is no limitation on charting or afl codes in the trial version. However, it may require extra effort to configure it with data feed or broker’s automated trading platform. You may visit below link to get trial amibroker version.

☑ Download Amibroker Software Free (All Updated Version)



Can we use free Amibroker Software?

Yes, You can use free Amibroker Software. Amibroker making company offer you to use free version. It’s absolutely awesome to use AFL and other features in free version. Also in free version you may also use modify Amibroker Afl and others tools. Also we use Amibroker Software free version as a professionally.

But in free version there is some problem happen. In free version you do not save database and all your setting option. Every time you open your database manually and work by hand not save. So it is better idea to purchase amibroker professional software from amibroker company and make your trading January professionally.



How to get Amibroker Software?

If you want to be a successful trader in your professional life than you must need to use financial software like Amibroker. There is two option to get Amibroker Software. One purchase professional version which we mention earlier. On the other hand, if you are a new in this world than firstly use trail or free version of Amibroker. For that read below article how to get free version. We recommend you that first some month you may use to free version of Amibroker than switch to professional version.



Download Amibroker Software  ( Free Version) 

As amibroker authority realize their software free so you may download free version of amibroker platform. But it is better to use paid version for trading to get much more benefit with it. Whatever first you use amibroker free version and than when you use to it switch to paid version. If you want to use free version of amibroker software than go to below link. You may get enough information with that.

☑ Download Amibroker Software Free (All Updated Version)



How to install Amibroker Software?

If you want to install the Amibroker platform then follow the steps.

 Step 1 :   Download Amibroker Software.
 Step 2 :  Download Amibroker Any Version.
 Step 3 :  Use Amibroker version 5.2 or above for better result.
 Step 4 :  After downloading double click on the program’s icon. This will launch the setup program – you can safely accept all default values by clicking “Next” on each page and “Install” on the last page.
 Step5 :  By default AmiBroker is installed to “C:/Program Files/AmiBroker” directory and this location is referred to as “main AmiBroker directory”.
 Step 6 :  If setup program asks you to restart machine please do so to allow to replace system components.
 Step 7 :  After installation, you can start AmiBroker from Windows’ standard Start->Programs->AmiBroker->AmiBroker menu.



How to create Amibroker Database & Input Data?

It is very easy to create an Amibroker database. Some simple steps you can do it completely. Let’s began.

Step 1:  Download Amibroker Software.
Step 2:  Install Software.
Step 3:  Use Amibroker version 5.2 or above for better results.
Step 4: To know more Download Manual for Amibroker installation book.
Step 5: Open Amibroker Platform.
Step 6: In Amibroker go to the left upper corner and see the menu bare.
Step 7: GO to File > New > Database

Step 8: A window comes in front of you.
Step 9: If you change the location of a database then click Browse.
Step 10: Change your database name.
Step 11: Click the Button Create.
Step 12: Click the Ok Button to create the Amibroker database.

☑ More to know Watch Video | How To create Amibroker Database.



How to import AFL Formula in Amibroker

It is a very easy to install Amibroker AFL into Software. First you find the location of the software where you install it. Normally it install into “C” drive of a computer. Try to go this location like “C\Program Files\AmiBroker\Formulas\Custom. [For 32 bit] “. If you have 64 bit operating system than paste it “C\Program Files(x86)\AmiBroker\Formulas\Custom”.

If you copy the AmiBroker AFL Code from Amibroker Afl collection Code Section Area than just paste it into any file and rename it. If you are download directly than just paste here. 

☑ More to know Watch Video  | Amibroker | How to Set Amibroker Afl




Amibroker Data (Forex Update Data)

When you use amibroker software than you need data. Actually you need two type of data like History Data & Real time data. Without history data you can not use amibroker properly. Right now we are providing Forex historical data time to time. To get this data & know to set Forex Data in Amibroker than check below link.

 Check Out | Forex History Data For Amibroker

In order to use  real-time data source you have to set up the database with appropriate data plug-in first. This is required only once at the database creation time. Instructions for setting up are available here: eSignal, myTrack, IQFeed, QuoteTracker. For details Check data sources page at for plugins.



Amibroker Afl | The Complete List (update)

If you want to see Amibroker AFL for Intraday Best or best amibroker afl indicator download in one place, then you stay the right place. Hope you  LOVE this (updated) guide forever. We personally tested and reviewed all amibroker afl strategies. Amibroker afl formulas download full & without hesitation you may use it .

 Check Out |  Latest Amibroker AFL Collection: The Complete List (Update) 



Amibroker Exploration (upcoming) 

Amibroker software has an option to analysis automatic. That’s mean you put a logic and by logic amibroker analysis the stock and provide you a best result. This processes is called amibroker exploration.

Right now we have no Amibroker Exploration AFL to provide. Hope in future we update it time to time.



Advanced Amibroker Video Tutorial 

Now a day’s everyone want to learn by watching video. To get perfect Amibroker Tutorial Video is not so easy. Now a day as it is easy so much easy to record video, most of the nonprofessional people make amibroker video. As a result its waste time and don’t get anything with that video.

Krt group try to make professional amibroker video tutorial for the time being. But you know its so much time spending project. However already Krt group publish advance professional amibroker video tutorial in Official YouTube Channel. Check it out in below link &  SUBSCRIBE official channel to get future upcoming video.




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