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Amibroker software -Your Making profit fast software. This software makes your portfolio enrich and bring it high level. This software  offers to learn about forex & forex rates, forex trading, forex bank, mt4, how to forex trading, day trading, stock market, interactive brokers, forex trading, meta stock, commodity, stock & technical analysis live support.

                  What is Amibroker

Amibroker is well-known software in this world. There is many software available in this world but the question is why Amibroker? The answer is in one line “This is the most user friendly chart analysis software”. Amibroker is totally focused on creating advanced, highly customization technical analysis software. By using this software we can easily predict future by any sense.

                      About Software

AMIBROKER.COM is a small software company specializing in writing technical analysis software called AmiBroker. Tomasz Janeczko, the founder and chief software.The software is being developed using professional industry standard Visual C++ 6.0 and Microsoft Foundation Classes library.


                   Why Pattern Explorer

Pattern Explorer tools provide valuable information for trading successfully! All our tools are written for AmiBroker software. Each tool is equipped with many easily variable parameters and analysis functions to display the information that is important to you. All tools are written for every market and every time frame.

The markets are often building patterns like triangles, candlesticks or any other pattern type. Furthermore there are thousands of trading opportunities every day. It’s simply a waste of time when we only view a few stocks every day for any pattern. With Pattern Explorer tools you can scan all your symbols for the best patterns in just a few seconds or minutes.

                   Automatically identify
  • Chart Patterns: Triangles, Wedges, Channels
  • Fibonacci and Gann Recognition
  • Support and Resistance
  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Signals based on composite indicators
  • Entry and Exit Signals
  • and much more……

Download Software from below list.

Step 1:  Download Amibroker 5.80. or Click here .

Step 2:  Download Amibroker 5.70.0. or Click here .

Step 3:  Download Amibroker 5.6.3. or Click here .

Step 4:  Download Amibroker 5.4.  or Click here .

Step 5:  Use Version 5.2 or above for better result.

Step 6:  Install Pattern Explorer or Click here .

                                    Note to be focus:

    • You can install software on a PC running Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, Millenium or 2000. (In case of Windows 95 you will need to install Internet Explorer 4 or higher first. In case of Windows NT 4.0 you will need a Service Pack 4 or higher installed first.)
    • We suggest you to buy original software to use fair and easily access.
    • By using crack version don’t use e-signal, auto updated data.
    • Follow the book which I attach.
  • If any problem occurs don’t fill shy to mail me.

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