Amibroker-how can I done completely

Amibroker-how can I done completely

Amibroker-how can I done completely- Everyone question about it. Its very essay to install it.

                  What is Amibroker

Amibroker is well-known software in this world. There is many software available in this world but the question is why Amibroker? The answer is in one line “This is the most user friendly chart analysis software”. Amibroker is totally focused on creating advanced, highly custom-able technical analysis software. By using Amibroker software we can easily predict future by any sense.

                      About Amibroker

AMIBROKER  is a small software company specializing in writing technical analysis software called AmiBroker. Tomasz Janeczko, the founder and chief software.

The software is being developed using professional industry standard Visual C++ 6.0 and Microsoft Foundation Classes library.


Step 1:  Download Ami Broker Software.

Step 2:  Download Ami Broker Any Version.

Step 3:  Use Amibroker version 5.2 or above for better result.

Step 4:  To know more about the installation, you can

Download Manual for Amibroker installation book. or click here.

                     Install AmiBroker using it’s setup program

  • It is available for download from Here (click here).
  • After downloading double click on the program’s icon. This will launch the setup program – you can safely accept all default values by clicking “Next” on each page and “Install” on the last page.
  • By default AmiBroker is installed to “C:Program FilesAmiBroker” directory and this location is referred to as “main AmiBroker directory”.
  • If setup program asks you to restart machine please do so to allow to replace system components.
  • After installation, you can start AmiBroker from Windows’ standard Start->Programs->AmiBroker->AmiBroker menu.

                                    Note to be focus:

  • You can install Amibroker on a PC running Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, Millenium or 2000. (In case of Windows 95 you will need to install Internet Explorer 4 or higher first. In case of Windows NT 4.0 you will need a Service Pack 4 or higher installed first.)
  • We suggest you to buy original software to use fair and easily access.
  • By using crack version don’t use e-signal, auto updated data.
  • Follow the book which I attach.
  • If any problem occurs don’t fill shy to mail me.

Amibroker-how can I done completely
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