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Amibroker AFL [Amibroker Formula Language] 
Every Stock Trading or Forex trading needs a platform where anyone can get the freedom to analyze. Amibroker Formula Language gives you those opportunities. Input logic, trading system or Strategy all are possible by it. Get the latest Amibroker AFL 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016 collection here.
Amibroker Software is a well-known platform for analysis stock Forex or other markets. Amibroker trading platform gives you opportunities to make your trading analysis easy. In Amibroker,  Amibroker Formula Language is the most powerful tool where anyone uses it by his own method or logic.
By Amibroker indicator you may easily input trading logic as well as trading system or strategy. Also, its charting system makes your trading different. By the coding, you also build your own trading system dynamic.

 Latest AFL Collection | The Complete List ( 2019 UPDATE )