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Amibroker-Your Making profit fast software. This software makes your portfolio enrich and bring it high level. The Amibroker trading platform is extremely fast, flexible and is excellent value for money. we’ve been using the software for around seven years now and my Amibroker AFL collection has grown considerably in that time.

Whether you’re interested in building trading systems, trading long term trends, investing in blue-chip companies, or picking penny stocks, you’ll be able to do that and lots more with Amibroker.

Amibroker is equipped with a powerful formula language allowing you to write trading system rules, define your own indicators and custom commentaries. This chapter explains the language, gives you detailed reference of built-in analysis functions and shows how to use AFL-tools such as automatic analyzer and formula editor .

By the demand of our many friend interest about Amibroker software and enable this system KrT group decided to make video tutorial regularly. By the want of many friend KrT group is going to make this video tutorial for all of our friends.please subscribe our channel to support us. If our fiends really want and  subscribe our channel to support us than it is regularly update to make  video tutorial for Forex trading.

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Today we show you how to set Amibroker AFL in your amibroker software. Let’s see below how to do……..

                           Amibroker AFL- Buffer line Up buffer line Down

In this video we show the Buffer line Up buffer line Down Amibroker AFL. Buffer line Up buffer line Down for AmiFx actually afl for amibroker. Amibroker is the most powerful software in stock or Forex market. By Buffer line Up buffer line Down afl you may understand where you can take position. This is a modifier afl.

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