TA indicators what you use

Everyone want to be reach fast to his way.But sometime its ery hard to reach.Like that when someone start Forex trading in DEMO his dream goes to higher and higher. Than he want to go real trading in forex. He see the dream that is huge first to reach large profit. But when someday pass see there is lot of equipment there like as many many TA indicators. Also dont understand what indicator is for him. Search website but come to his eyes lot of thing. Once upon a time he is feeling very tired and don’t understand what to do.

In TA indicator world there is lot of indicator and topices out there. Most of the logic are same and also most of the logic is modify. So we give you the right way what to do in your Forex trading.Lets see TA indicator learning short list Narrow down your study to the following :

1. Candlesticks.
2. Trends
3. Trendlines.
4. Chart patterns.
5. Fibonnaci ratios.
6. Pullback
7. Breakouts.
8. Moving Averges.
9. Bolliger bands.
10. Stochastics.
11. Volume.
12.Stop losses.
13.Trailing stops etc………..

That way you will learn more with little efforts. It is a waste of time to put your energy on RSI,Stochastic,MACD at the same time. Becauese these are same in the sense that they are oscillators. So,learn one of them,you will understand all…………..
we don’t know why you are studying Amibroker’s help file. I think you should take the help of google. Choose a topic and search articles on it. There are plenty of good articles in google. Save them in your pc or print them out. Read them,and study,and research.

Hope it help for you.Happy Trading


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