Trading with MA 30 60 90 120

Trading with MA 30 60 90 120

Many trading system are available in different website. Many strategy has his own strength. Also many professional trader use different indicator to catch the market level where to buy or sell of it. Also many indicator give you many value which are so much confuse of Forex or Financial market.But Trading with MA 30 60 90 120 is best. Let us define something.

Moving average is one of the most vital indicator in Forex market. No one find who did not use Moving average (MA). Most of the people using this indicator. Some one use MA 10, someone use MA 30 or some one use MA 50. Different value of MA so much confusing.

Also MA has different category like WMA, SMA, EMA. Now the question is why this is for you and why this system set for you? Simple ans is Smart money make you confusing and by this confusing you take wrong entry in Forex market. When you take lose than you tell yourself “oh! i may be wrong.I use MA 30 cross over,may be it use MA 50”.

But you are not wrong.You use actual thing but confusing. Actually intentionally it create for you.Who create this system dont know but realize that it just attract you to make entry where it is buy or sell.

So the question is than what i can do for it? Do i not take any buy or sell decision of it? Ans is yes we can do and without confusion we can make it with a simple trading by using MA 30 60 90 120 indicator.

                              MA 30 60 90 120 Set my Forex trading

                        How to set:

01. First take price chart with simpale candel stick.
02. Go to indicator by tool manu inserts>indicator and select Moving average(MA).
03. Set MA 30 thats mean period 30 or value 30.
04. Anothe indicator set by same system MA 60, MA 90, MA 120
05 Now all are set in your chart and you can see some line on your chart.
06. Now by uper system set SUPPORT/RENASCENCE indicator.
07. It is better if you set pivot SUPPORT/RENASCENCE indicator.


                     How to entry:

Its simple. just see if price are up level of all MA 30 60 90 120 than buy. Retrenchment of candle stick is better buy entry for it. Remember don’t buy in SUPPORT/RENASCENCE line. For more understand watch/Analysis chart (picture).


How to exist:

By using money management system you may exist.It is better to use 2%-6% money management system use.

_________Happy Trading_______


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