Introduction to AmiBroker by Howard

AmiBroker is a powerful, comprehensive trading system development platform. It has cutting edge charting and graphics, and fast, flexible and powerful portfolio-level backtesting, optimization, and automated walk forward validation. Its purpose is to help investors and traders identify profitable opportunities to buy and sell. It includes an extensive library of technical indicators that can be plotted along with the price chart as well as tested for profitability in a trading system. It has all the tools needed to chart, test, and trade stocks, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, commodities, and Forex.

AmiBroker has two primary modes of operation – charting and formula evaluation. The data it works with are the price and volume records of buy and sell transactions for stocks, mutual funds, and other tradable issues.
In its charting mode, historical price and volume data are displayed on the computer monitor along with technical indicators. The analyst looks for promising patterns and conditions.

In its formula evaluation mode, patterns, conditions, and rules are described using a programming language and written into a computer program. The program analyzes the price and volume data and reports on the profitability of the rules. When profitable trading systems have been found, it scans the group of stocks that are of interest to the trader and lists the current buy and sell signals. If desired, AmiBroker can send orders based on these signals directly to a broker for execution.
AmiBroker is unique among trading system development platforms in that the same code displays the indicators, tests the profitability, issues the buy and sell signals and sends the orders. It is an easy transition from chart to analysis to execution.
AmiBroker runs under Windows, including versions 95, 98, Millennium, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems are supported.
Any system that runs Windows efficiently will run AmiBroker efficiently.

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