Multiple Trend Line AFL: Awesome Amibroker Trading System AFL


Multiple Trend Line AFL is one of the awesome amibroker trending system afl. It creates super trend indication with multiple trend line with Fibonacci that’s why it’s a best trending indicator forever. Yes, this Amibroker AFL makes your price chart with two lines. Long term trend line and short time trend line. As its creates auto lines so no need to draw a extra line. Also this AFL draw Fibonacci point under recent price action. This is the power of this AFL Amibroker. 

In figure there is also use Bollinger bands. To use this trends support resistance also be shown in figure. AFL use three combination of amibroker afl code. Bollinger Bands, Multiple Trend and Fibonacci point. Using this amibroker indicators its a great powerful situation in amibroker chart for trading. Enjoy. 

Image of AFL [amibroker formula language].
Multiple Trend Line AFL: Awesome Amibroker Trading System AFL

In image we find lot of amibroker buy sell signal. By amibroker trading system when Bollinger Bands and Trend line Mixed with breakout fail or breakdown fail than its a strong Buy Sell Signal. This AF clearly indicate by green & red arrow point. Also this super trend indicator use Fibonacci point which means that trader can easily realize which point the price retrace.


Multiple Trend Line for Amibroker AFL CODE

How to Use AFL for Amibroker 

  • Download Amibroker AFL File.
  • Now copy the afl file and paste it to \Program Files\AmiBroker\Formulas\Custom. [For 32 bit]
  • Have you 64 bit operating system? Than paste it to :  \Program Files(x86)\AmiBroker\Formulas\Custom.
  • Go to formula section of Amibroker and you will get the afl in Custom folder.

Watch Our Video Tutorial  | How To Set Amibroker?


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  1. hasib says:

    if (tchoice=1 ) there is an error

  2. there seems to be an error in this afl.

    • krT group says:

      We test it. Its ok code. You may direct download Amibroker AFL Code from download button. Thanks

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