Import Amibroker data | stock quotes data or meta stock data

Import Amibroker data for stock quotes data or meta stock data input system play a vital role for any trader. Every Trader or investor need a successful Trade platform for his/her. Amibroker software is the right choice for that.

What is Amibroker Software

AMIBROKER  is a small software company specializing in writing technical analysis software called AmiBroker. Tomasz Janeczko, the founder and chief software.The software is being developed using professional industry standard Visual C++ 6.0 and Microsoft Foundation Classes library.

Where we get this Software

Amibroker-Your Making profit fast software. This software makes your portfolio enrich and bring it high level.If you find this software please click here

How to input stock quotes data in Amibroker

Today we inform you, how to input stock quotes data or meta stock or stock market data in Amibroker or Import Amibroker data in software, which is most and better successful platform for any Exchange market like insurance,Forex,commodity,option as well as future market.
How to set Data
1. Open Amibroker Software . if you need it follow link

2. Create Database.if you need it follow link

3. Go to File and click Import Wizard.
4.Than pick File.
5. Select your CSV file.
6.Click next button.
7.Set required field.
8.Click next button.
9.An Error come just ignore it.
10. See a data in your Amibroker

If you follow the video, hope you do this.
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  1. I wanted to download some of the AFL. Pl advice cost.
    Do you provide data for NSE-INDIA live data . what is the cost

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