WMA Band with Explain AFL for Amibroker

WMA Band with Explain AFL for amibroker is a formula language which indicates different type of analysis with your stock or Forex instrument. By this AFL you can find easily understand the position of a stock or Forex pair.

First look at the picture. when price goes goes to narrow band and than expansion in up or down than you may take a position buy or sell. By this you can also see the expiation what candle is mean and what to do.

Also in WMA Band with Explain AFL we use VSA for the price action method which is more powerful for every trade. In this afl you may enjoy in every moment of trade signal and must obey the rules.Also in WAM band its like a use of or rules of Bollinger Bands. If you didn’t know Bollinger Bands theory than you visit here. Best use Bollinger Bands what you not know

                                               How to exist:
By using money management system you may exist.It is better to use 2%-6% money management system use.

                                               How to use:

Download the AFL

[sociallocker] WMA Band with Explain AFL [/sociallocker]

Now copy the afl file and paste it to Program FilesAmibrokerFormulasCustom

Now go to formula section of Amibroker and you will get the afl in Custom folder.

Hope you enjoy the Amibroker WMA Band with Explain AFL . If you want to more AFL than you may visit our other AFL by clicking here. Happy Trading……………..

WMA Band with Explain AFL for Amibroker
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