KPBB Htrsystem AFL:Amibroker Formula For Day Trading(update)


Kpbb htrsystem afl for amibroker inform trader all about trade. This Afl is updated version to Amibroker Formula for day trading. Basically this formula is advance version of Kp band. kp band advance fully utilized here. But this AFL little bit heavy to use. 

In figure its show that all information about trade are left side in upper corner. Also below corner in lower side inform trader what to do now that is information for trading. Also this Afl use candle chart and other band line which makes you a to take a perfect decision. In below it is use volume information bar with three color. Green red and mud color refers up down and neutral volume. Also actual volume bar use in right side of a chart. The best part of amibroker formula for day trading is that when stock or pair going to upside or down side than background color also change by its logic. 

Image of AFL [amibroker formula language].
Kbpp Hyrsystem Afl for Amibroker

In image we can watch that there is a arrow button which provide trading information what to do now. Also share price action movement line provide information its downward or upward. Volume bar inform trader to follow the negative or positive. If the candle chart cross the band from low to up than its a buy signal. On the other hand if upper candle cross over the lower band than its a sell signal. 


Kpbb Htrsystem for Amibroker AFL CODE


How to Use AFL for Amibroker 

  • Download Amibroker AFL File.
  • Now copy the afl file and paste it to \Program Files\AmiBroker\Formulas\Custom. [For 32 bit]
  • Have you 64 bit operating system? Than paste it to :  \Program Files(x86)\AmiBroker\Formulas\Custom.
  • Go to formula section of Amibroker and you will get the afl in Custom folder.

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