How to Use Nirmala Pattern AFL (Amibroker)


Nirmala pattern afl is a combine afl. Especially The Head & Shoulder or Inverted Head & Shoulder, Semi Cup and Handle. Its also called a volatility afl. This is one of the successful afl for amibroker usersHere is the combine AFL.

This afl has many feature : Like

  • Comment about near neckline
  • Alert with belt when breakup neckline
  • Oscillator guidance for success probability to break the neckline.
  • And have just added The Volume as a power of trade.
  • It’s very use full to knows when end of trend or start a new trend.


Image of AFL [amibroker formula language].

By this Afl you know the above thing automatically. In Forex and Insurance Market, Its better for Higher Time Frame. Amibroker afl collection download is given below.



Nirmala Pattern for Amibroker AFL CODE


How to Use AFL for Amibroker 

  • Download Amibroker AFL File.
  • Now copy the afl file and paste it to \Program Files\AmiBroker\Formulas\Custom. [For 32 bit]
  • Have you 64 bit operating system? Than paste it to :  \Program Files(x86)\AmiBroker\Formulas\Custom.
  • Go to formula section of Amibroker and you will get the afl in Custom folder.

Watch Our Video Tutorial  | How To Set Amibroker?


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4 thoughts on “How to Use Nirmala Pattern AFL (Amibroker)”

  1. Shrey Jain says:

    Thanks for the Code, Its o nice of You to provide us the code. But Can you please also add Buy and Sell signal for the code. It will be so great if you add this portion also.

  2. hello sir your nirmala pattern is not working

    • krT group says:

      Dear Brother, its ok code. We test it again.
      When you copy the code sometimes its missing line or break line.So that its show error.
      We recommend you to download this AFL from our Download Button (green color) below the CODE.
      Hope its helpful. Thanks

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