In this article we will discuss a number of characters that are unmatched in the world of Forex, which have proved their worth and their ability to trade wisely distinct and mentality, with the result that their access to the many in this full of variables and fluctuations, which represents double-edged sword market profits, when to seize the next opportunity of this fluctuations trader can achieve many profits but Under these fluctuations is the big risk in the Forex market, so traders For that they developed a sound risk management plan in their trades them are able to maintain their money.
John Murphy

Analyst is the US financial markets, and is considered the father of technical analysis in the financial markets. He has authored many books in various themes and topics, including technical analysis of futures markets. The book is a technical analysis of futures markets reference standard of technical analysis. It represents a key source to explain relationships in the global market for technical analysts. In fact, analyst John Murphy is considered a pioneer in technical analysis, was an analyst in Stoke chart. It was a striking views in this broad area. John Murphy has appeared on Bloomberg TV in the Business Report in every night, it has also appeared on CNBC channel so soon spread his ideas and his books and shot to fame among traders.
Scott Carney

Scott Carney is the president and founder of the site Harmonic Trader, has identified Scott price movement through different styles system, also created the movement of prices Fibonacci measurement techniques has identified many styles harmonic in the charts, including the Bat model and Gartley and model crab.

That these two figures obtained the many successes in the forex market, especially in terms of material gains in trading in the forex market, and we are here at the Department of learning Forex with FXCC company’re not going to take you a glance into one of these two characters do not even we put you on the right track, which you can from it to make your way to become one of the greatest Forex traders at all, and this is our goal that we want to reach him through our customers.


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