In this article we will talk about what and how to speculation speculation in the stock market and whether you qualify so exercised. The speculation in the stock market is a way very popular and widely used among traders, they process includes a quick opening of the quick and the liquidation of transactions, so that range from the length of time between the opening of the deal and closure of 3 minutes to 5 minutes, and there is another type of speculators remain in their positions for less than a minute .

Divides the market between these speculators and among ordinary traders, ordinary Valmdharb maintain their positions for a long period of time compared to the speculators, and therefore, the presence in the market for speculators to be much less than ordinary traders who follow the general trend at deal-making, and as a result, the speculator distance himself from sudden moves which may get in the market, thereby reducing the risk of and behind the trade, but focused his attention on trying to choose differences, or spreads least, it is based open and close deals in many and League and thus whenever the difference between the sale price and purchase the biggest price the greater the losses. While the normal rolling never worry subject of the high price spread or decline because it has no significant impact on  losses.

The speculation in the forex market is not suitable for all traders in the market, it is suitable for a given without the other strategy, Valetudinarian shed great opportunities in the market in exchange for safety and reduce risks in their business, they care provided in the market process enters at a specific time and in the amount specified in and out quickly large and usually entering and leaving dates linked to news and statements issued by the banks and speculative Almarkizah indicators, either for the average Mtaul it increases the proportion of risking, but the return on investment in the case of a very large profit compared with bats in the stock market.

That the style of speculation in the stock market is something that needs a lot of attention and focus in the market and market analysis as flour and periods of time in order to get very close to accurate vision of the market. Valmdharb doing a lot of deals, ranging in number in the hundreds during the day, so he has to be careful to see the market correct perspective, so that he can snipe the right moments to enter and exit the market.

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