In this article our focus will be to explain one branch of the economy which is microeconomics. In fact there is a fundamental difference between macroeconomic and microeconomics, The former means generalities, colleges and other means Paljziaat and individuals. In microeconomics, or what is known as PAL Microeconomics attention going to study the behavior of individuals, companies, and how which make the decisions about how to distribute limited resources, or what is known as the scarcity of resources in the economy, also depends mainly on the study of supply effects and demand on the price of goods and services as well as vice versa, and how to determine the balance of goods and services in microeconomics price, this price which is based on the intersection of demand and supply curves together. In addition to supply and demand determinants.

Macroeconomics differs from microeconomics in the first fact means total economic movements between countries while dealing the other individuals with personal and entities, and thus address the overall economy into holistic concepts in the State which inflation and unemployment as well as growth issues this in conjunction with the political events in different countries, either For micro-economy deals with the topics of individual competitions year and the balance in the market item or service, and complementary and alternative products and the flexibility of the product or service to get to the ideal price of a commodity or the price of the balance that has to be equal the quantity supplied with the required quantity.

In fact, the micro-economic science is very important, especially if you are a trader in the stock market, sensuality stocks depends largely on the individual events for companies competition and demand for certain goods and the prices of alternative goods product company and its supplementary and the number of consumers for the company’s products, and the expansion or contraction of the products and services markets.

That many investors believe that the microeconomics is the preserve of the stock markets only but the truth is that, despite the macroeconomic significantly affect the movement of currencies in the forex market, but the accumulation of individual movements of the elements of the economy generate the college his movement, and therefore, the link between micro and macro economy can be a person of analysis predicted major movements in the economy. Therefore, the macro and micro Alaqsad go hand in hand.

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