Trading Books for insider trading

Read trading books for traders based on the experiences and knowledge of others, allow us to obtain the contributions that have been made ​​within the community of independent investors, which we find everywhere in the world. Many of us started the idea of ​​trading independently, but learning about this self-taught is actually one of the most complex and daring tasks.

Start a journey of learning trading is not easy, no matter if we choose the trial and error or if read without any strenuous guidance manuals on how to make trading without the right information, just we are doomed to failure.

It is for this reason that thought creates this post, in order to help others I, we decided to bet on trading, and where we focus to offer you a list of books of trading or trading books with which you can get information and the means to be a great trader.

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                                   What is the problem of Trading Books?

With trading books or online trading books occurs almost the same as when we see a basket of offerings. Normally in our minds we know that there are a variety of items and chances are that none is what we want or need. But that just buy it because it is cheap or because they may be able to be useful, it’s the same with books on trading.

It is important to be aware that we can not make that career books, this form of consumption of these without a prior analysis of what we really need or want to know about trading. The reasons why we should throw ourselves compulsively buy the first thing you have a trading title is enclosed on the following arguments:

  • It is a very specialized kind of literature, not to mention the audience it is directed is really very small and exclusive.
  • You can not find in “any corner” to get them is to resort to specialized sources, every book we see on shelves or baskets promotion, really are not good.
  • These books usually are in English language because most people do not consider other markets and work to translate them to a wider audience is taken.
  • Many people trading authority be created, this is very complicated, and only a few people have managed based on their experience and learning the art of control

Without the right books and specialized guide we fall into the void of failure

To learn in life on trading occurs as most of the other things we have learned, step by step. In trading it is necessary to take a reading guide that goes in line with our knowledge. No embargo is very difficult today to find a trading route that can give a line or read from the most basic to the most specialized.

The discipline and learning methodology, we must also be set in the world of books.

There is a book of trading for each type of person, can even compare trading books with medicine, everyone has a disease that can be cured with a different drug.

In this regard there are two ways of choosing books:

  • Own choice
  • Ask anyone the recommendation of a book.

Trading Books : Recommended:

This is a short list of recommended books along with the theme that we are speaking, many of them, and have read, others may not, if doubt be of great help:

Old School:

  1. Author Jack Schwager all books “The Market Wizards” series.
  2. Stan Weinstein author “Stan Weinsteins Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets.
  3. O’Neil author of the book “How to Make Money in Stocks.”
  4. Edwin Lefevre with his “Reminicenses of a stock operator”.
  5. Author Nicolas Darvas in his book “How I Made $ 2,000,000 in the stock market.

For those who prefer more on education and trading these are recommended:

  1. Howard Lindzon with his book “The stock Twits edge”.
  2. Anne – Marie Baiynd with his work “The trading book.”
  3. Author Steve Nisson his book “Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques”.
  4. Van Tharp in his book “Trade your way to financial freedom.”

More specialized books on trading:

  1. The famous author Jack D. Schwager his work “Getting started in technical analysis”.
  2. Martin Schwartz in his book “Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Streets Champion Day Trader”.
  3. Author George D. Taylor with his work “The Taylor Trading Technique”.
  4. John J. Murphy with his book “Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets”.
  5. Mark Douglas “Trading in the Zone: Master the market with confidence, discipline and a Winning Attitude.
  6. Author Eugen Herrigel “Zen in the art of archery”.
  7. Author Sun Tzu “The Art of War”.

Trading books of general interest:

  1. Author Michael Craig “The 50 best (and worst) Business deal of all time”.
  2. Joshua Brown “Backstage Wall Street: An insider`s Guide to Knowing Who to Trust, Who to run from, and how to maximize your investments.
  3. Al Dunlap “Mean Business”.
  4. George P. Baker “The new financial capitalists: KKR and the creation of the corporate value.

Trading books that we should not read:

  1. Alexander Elder in his book “Trading for a living”.
  2. Victor Neiderhoffer “The Education of a Speculator”.

Finally we mention some books on psychology in trading very useful:

  1. Author Mark Douglas “The disciplined trader & trading in the zone”.
  2. Brett N. Steenbarger “trading coach.”

If you know about more trading books like these, that you want to share with us, please do so.Enjoy your Forex Trade with those trading book.

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