Forex Trading Scalping Robot – Simple Scalp EA

After our advice of which you do not try to live on the TRADING with a robot or automated system, I return to you to bring another one TRADING robot which name is forex trading scalping robot – simple scalp ea so that you can tweak it, thus you will know to which I talk about or even can remove ideas for your TRADING and it forms to work, but please, you do not put it in your real account, you will melt it!

This Forex Trading Scalping Robot – Simple Scalp EA has sent me a blog reader, not much we know about him, except that it works in 15 minutes charts and manages trading with trailing stops, which I do not like is that the trading does not start with a stop set , so in the test you will see how certain causes DD (floating) after the usually recover.

Forex Trading Scalping Robot - Simple Scalp EA

You can use it on any currency pair, although it is optimal for the GBPUSD Pair.
So I guess will re-buying or re-selling as the price moves against you, and such strategies will sooner or later your account to margin call, unless you use a Global Stop or use a certain times up to date.

You can also see that in certain levels of opening of trading it begins to “martingalear“, to open trade with greater lot to compensate.

SimpleScalp Robot Trading History

Download this EA : Forex Trading Scalping Robot – Simple Scalp EA

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