Forex Scalping Grid EA for forex trading

Forex Scalping Grid EA for forex trading

Today, I bring another trading ea which name is Forex Scalping Grid EA , this time one based on Grid systems (grid), these are very popular because they are widely used and there are thousands of variants to apply, martingale, coverage, and many more, This ea best work in 15m Chart. Hope you enjoy lot by using this EA.

This grid trading robot uses different candlestick patterns to enter the market, but still these systems often cause large floating negative in our trading account , if you do not control or manage it properly you may be felt in floating.

                                        How does Grid EA work?

Sell Signal

If the price is greater than the height of the last 3 candles but less high in the last 20 candles.

Buy Signal

If the price is lower than the low of the last 3 candles but less low of the last 20 candles.

Use a pattern of candles and has more variables to determine whether to enter the market, you see a report on GBPUSD:

Forex Scalping Grid EA

You should try it on demo account, after satisfied with this Forex Scalping Grid EA then use it in your real account.

Download This EA from Here

Forex Scalping Grid EA

If you thing you need more to know please study our other post from here. Hope we fulfill you need and stay with us.


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