In this article we will talk about how to adapt the married life to serve your trading in Forex or LOVE FOREX, that married life is a major cause of success or failure at work and this is known largely, it must get the family stability to be able to withstand different working conditions, selling and paying for Forex generate you many of pressure and tension caused by the follow-up to the rise of a currency pair or landing, but when it is this tension or pressure companion to pressure family would lead to failure on the business and family levels, so the trader commitment Banashristin tasks which will deliver here in this article:

Forex and comfort

First, you have to realize that your family life is a place that gives you the trouble of rest after a long work day, you have to not Taatvch your spouse in the event of any losses in your business, but you have to get rid of the tension that gets in your trading through mingling with your family, you can Through this form can forget the concerns of trade by engaging the family and discuss their problems.
Forex and selfishness

Second, you have to not be selfish, you should not feed your interest in your business and excludes family problems, but you and your time division excellently thou shalt give work time and family time, and integrate the two, in order not to be distracted your focus in your business, because the mixing of things you would waste The owner or could lead to Ajtnabk for many of the many opportunities in the forex market, so you have to give everyone his right.

In the end, you have to give priority to your family first and foremost, this is something that is not sold and Aastry, meaning it never compensated, while you may lose in trade, but it is worth to mention your ability to compensate for all the lost in subsequent trades. In fact there are still other matter you can do so stuck the stick from the middle, which is to teach your wife Forex Trading, especially if the housewife so that it achieves two incomes on the family and not an income one, the first income is your work outside the home while the second income is what you earn spouse of Forex Trading. And this has you distribute tension and pressure between family members.


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