What are the Best Forex Robots?

I’ll be perfectly honest with you. If you’re an actual real forex trader, you’re in for an uphill battle for finding a legitimate forex robot that actually makes profit. Ivybot and Fap Turbo system are two of the most well known forex robots and are commonly used by many traders, but the problem is almost all of the reviews out there are going to be at least 95% these programs because they’re hoping you buy through their affiliate link and they get a cut of the loot.

Trust me, I’ve searched on Google and it is near impossible to find a site or page that reviews “the best forex robot” and actually makes an unbiased and independent review and then doesn’t send you to an affiliate sale page. Even the reviews that claim they’re unbiased have affiliate links and how unbiased can you really be when you’re hoping to make money off what you’re reviewing.

The real truth if you came here in search of the best forex trading robot is there probably is none. Think about it. If there were really some bot that could come in, account for all significant market conditions, and make you automated forex money wouldn’t everybody have it? And then if everybody was cashing in and profiting, then we all know that’s not possible. Ultimately some must lose for others to win.

Is it possible to monitor the foreign exchange market all day? Of course not. Well at least not if you actually do stuff. It’s my recommendation that you stop looking for the easy answers and start doing a little ground work. Read up all you can on the thoughts and experience of people like the HatherSage team, HectorTrader, Kenneth Griffin, Stephen Mandel, Andreas Halvorsen, Bill Lipschutz, and James Simons.

The best and fastest way to become a successful trader is to learn from a successful trader. You’ll enjoy an advantage by learning through their mistakes (thereby avoiding them) and also learn what they looked for to make winning trades.

I highly recommend you read a few books by either some of the pros mentioned above or others that have credentials that exhibit a steady show of winnings over a large time sample. If you want to be that damn good, you have to go get it. It won’t come to you.

Forex robots are a scam set up to get your money. There’s no such thing as buying something that will make you automated money. Forex robots are more like marketers coming up with a product to sell to eager to do good traders. Instead of bots, go for tried and true techniques.

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