Currency exchange has no Shortcuts

For our article today we have relied on a personal anecdote in which this phrase appeared: ” No Shortcuts in Forex Trading “ actually about currency exchange. A while ago, one of our readers made ​​me a question which questioned why got some nefarious or very negative results when conducted more operations in less time and in a manner contrary.

The answer was simple, ” there are no shortcuts in trading in currency exchange “was through this experience that we believe like this reader, many who read us perhaps perform the same actions.

Throughout the article I will use some terms that emphasize themes of war, but as we always say, each trade or movement that opens in trading until it closes, it really is a battle to the death to defend at all costs our capital.

The aim of trading is to win and increase our capital, not lose it. From our point of view trading is a battlefield, each of us must find or create the strategies necessary to overcome the obstacles and emerge victorious from it.

Life itself is a challenge, but within the same trading occurs from the second we started an operation is necessary to have the necessary weapons to survive as the world of finance, it is no secret, is very difficult and requires strength and dexterity. That is why we say that there are no shortcuts in forex trading or currency exchange, because you can not get huge results with minimum effort or risk.

The key to everything is in knowing how to measure the risk, calculate and how we can minimize it because it is impossible to remove. And it is that in the world of finance danger rises to its maximum power and operate in it, is one of the most important, tricky and dangerous cross.

                              What are our Tools of Defense?

As in every battle there is always a way out or option that allows us to stay longer and survive in it.The tools we have within the trading to defend what we have are simple, they are the stop loss .Maybe not the answer you were expecting many preferring better hear any attack technique or execution, but from our experience is much better removed before losing everything.

In trading the best advice we can get and give, is just that, retiring at the right time, as doing so does not mean that we are not traders or are not willing to win, it’s just an act of protecting our capital to stay in the game.

For those who do not agree with the above, I will give a simple example. If we think the answer is to fight, that is, the most effective is to get in front of the battlefield and expose give a very clear example.

Think of David and Goliath, did you think that David would have won Goliath grappling?

David basically the strategy was clear, retire and use the tools one by one.

And that is exactly what happens in the trading or currency exchange, traders especially those in retail we always spend our lives fighting Goliath.It is for this reason that we can not release them to fight in the same way that strong, you need to use the tools when they are needed and retire by the time we deem appropriate.

As we can tell what I have said throughout the article, traders or investors easy walk as often know, we have more possibilities than defensive tactics. Our only task is postmodern protect and keep us afloat while we climb and evolve into what most excites us.

Therefore, we must never forget what mentioned below, each of us must be aware of our place in the world, we must be aware of our position and accept that in the world of trading very big and powerful fish move with which we can not fight.

Thus, when we accept our place, when we accept the point at which we can think of strategies or ideas that we ensure our stay as we learn more and we can have better weapons to remain standing.

                           The Road Trading Disaster

Everyone at some point in our lives we have chosen the way of obtaining the highest profitability. And yet all ended up in the dust trying to find the strategies or means to enable us to reach this dream profitability.

However it is also this way and this bite dust which repeatedly makes us understand and comprehend the reality of trading . Returning to the example of David and Goliath, think for a moment what would have happened if David had neglected, what would have happened if David had not been aware of their reality and have missed the target.

The safest and in response to these questions is that Goliath had crushed as it always assumed it would.

The same applies to us, our situation requires us to trade and move slowly from our comfort zone. However this does not mean that we stay still or motionless, simply it means that we must move slowly and safely until we move forward.

To conclude on this we can mention that our strategy is not to struggle as equals because we will definitely lose, the important thing here is to know that we must act from a distance firing shots or very direct attacks that meet the goal, that’s our only chance of survival.

When we think or we aim to seek the highest returns, it exposes us to others, we are more exposed to threats, so it is best to calculate every move.

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