Avoid Forex Losses of any exchange rate

In the forex market or exchange rates and stock market investment  at any chance to win big money and face losses, one of the best and most important keys to achieving this objective in the financial markets is to know where to place our stop lose is present to avoid forex losses.These are the points where our automated trading will close our trade so that we do not continue to accumulate losses.

In the financial markets and the currency, one of the secrets of success it is to let profits run and cut losses to know in time to avoid forex losses. The stop lose are instruments designed to cut losses to a turnaround or when our forecast is wrong. Generally we will not be reviewing the minute the price to protect us from fluctuations and volatility of markets, but will place a stop limit and lose that allow us to avoid having greater losses than expected.

With the Fibonacci series can set rules where to place the stop lose, with which we can learn a theoretical advance and retreat of the market, the margins outside the lines of the series are below them losses and will lose our stop.

The psychological factor is fundamental in putting a stop lose because we always believe that our trade will be beneficial, and seeing our psychology losses not let us end up losing money, which leads us to even greater losses.

If we follow the trend lines we will always place the stop lose out trend channels below the opening price of the transaction and the possible saving logic initial speculation.

If we place the stop points or margins lose too short, it may result in our trade does not have time to go to suffer channeled and market fluctuations, finishing in negative so we are not interested. In times of high speculation not be closed in negative but step losses to close a bad decision or a turnaround.

In our trades in accounts tendremso always several possibilities that the higher our broader goal of profit margin should be our stop lose.

In trading that are successful and gain must also be harnessed to imitate our stop lose once widely surpass the gains, because if the market rallies continue accumulating profit and if the trend reverses always be closing at a point where we will have won.

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