We will review in this article solution proved its worth to the dealer nervous in the forex market, but it is the music, the impact of music on the traders is very clear, they have a big role in calming souls and shook heads, they give a relaxing private traders in case prices fluctuate dramatically, they form is the perfect medicine for those who suffers from a nerve in his life and his business. According to recent studies that reached by the European Research Universities, they are given the ability to self-ideal relax.

The music carries a significant impact on all human beings, it is the language that is understood by human beings regardless of the language of tongues, so it may be that delights all kinds of tunes, this globally standardized language can be read through the notes, each note a certain sound effect is different from the others and when

Playing a set of notes together shows the melody, and there are many Arabic maqam, so features all serve a certain influence on the person who hears and vary standings seven Arab to serve as Rust and the shrine of the Persians Aljamilan and the shrine of boyhood, which gives anyone who hears a sense of sadness, either mausoleums Alnhaond and Kurds Viattiyan those who hear them a sense of friendliness and kindness, and for the shrine ears or Hijaz Wiesel worries and heals the soul, and in the end serves as al-Bayati, who has the ability to win over the heads.

As mentioned in many articles about the importance of controlling the feelings of fear and greed, as well as about the need for patience and relax for traders, but we are here we will not give this speech in Structural, for example, we will not say that patience is important and relax is important, but we will give solutions to which it can acquire the patience and increase your ability to relax, as we have said previously, the music is a viable solution to control the nerves, Vsma quiet music while trading is beautiful, it helps you focus on your investment and control your temper.

The music effect is not limited to humans only, they have a clear impact on the animal as well, we used to hear from our ancestors that they were playing the oboe even create the right atmosphere for grazing when his sheep, and its influence extends to the cow, too, it has a cowboy Dutch found that cows that are playing beside them generate more than milk from other cows, so it’s not for us to underestimate the ability of the magic of music to influence souls rational and irrational alike.

In the end, this language is considered in all its forms and types a good way to trader nervous, in order to help him to adjust his temper when trading in the forex market, there are many achievements to traders in the forex market associated with intentionally or unintentionally music, food is the body food and reading food mind and music be the food of the soul.


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