Oil which is called BLACK GOLD is one of the more raw materials liquidity and influential in the world economy and currency trading as the price of oil has always been one of the key indicators of the development of the global economy for many years, and is considered Oil is the basis of industrial life, states that have Steffi oil resources from higher oil prices , and the countries that import oil to meet its needs, they benefit from the decline in oil prices.

The trading oil in the forex market from successful trades in recent years, the oil and energy is the biggest business in the world, and became the turnout had been greater because it is one of the tangible trading commodities in the exchange market, and we’ll talk in this article for oil trading in the Forex market.

How black gold trading in the forex market

Black gold

The oil trade similar to trade currencies in a way of buying and selling where prices are shown per barrel against the US dollar, and you can trade directly through currency trading platform which symbolizes oil symbol (OIL) and these prices are moving the movement of supply and demand and are tied to the movement of the US dollar which will facilitate the trading process, where traders can open, modify and close deals in the same way that they use when trading currencies, but there is the end of the contract period of the oil where oil is traded through contracts have a certain period to end and start the process of a new trading. It is also necessary to find the right broker trading process to help you choose your trading trading environment that suits you.

Factors that affect the price of black gold trading

There are many factors affecting oil trading price, the most important of supply and demand and news of global economic indicators, which in turn also affect the currency market, but there are large fluctuations in the price of oil, where the prices are very sensitive and there are sharp fluctuations between trades, you should beware before you start trading oil .

Oil trading in the Forex market advantages

Ease of trading: The crude oil trade similar to forex trading, there is no private oil trading terms.

High liquidity: where is considered one of the most important investments available in the world and the most traded.

High profit: where can Shortly price change very This is an opportunity to achieve a high profit. Investment

Disadvantages of oil trading in the forex market

High volatility of rates: the prices are very volatile, making it difficult to predict fluctuations may occur there fast prices rather than currencies.

Prices influenced by many factors: including wars and natural disasters and political events and others, leading to fluctuations in the trading price.

The Canadian dollar traded oil

Black goldCanada is one of the largest sources of energy and producers of oil in the world and are exported large part to the outside and another part of the United States of America, and because of this heavy reliance on Canadian oil, this has a significant impact on the Canadian dollar there is a relationship and a large correlation between crude oil prices and the Canadian dollar and this policy has been followed Some traders to make profits through this relationship.

The oil trading from the lucrative trading to some extent and is a successful strategy and a great investment opportunity can be followed in the forex market but there is a big risk to trade oil if there is no sufficient knowledge of how trading. And from here you can open a trading account Forex.

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