How to Achieve the Best Forex Trading Strategy?

We have many times pointed out in our posts how important it is for a Trader,learn How to Achieve the Best Forex Trading Strategy,learn how to handle difficult situations dictated by the losses from market movements or otherwise not provided for in the beginning.

Of course it is always said that the trader should miss. Indeed, it is natural that we invest to achieve gains, but these must be managed in the best way, especially when we talk about winning and that trade should be optimized in order to ensure maximum compensation.

The proper management of investments that are going the right way to go only one way: erase from the mind out for any reason other than what the market is saying.

This means that the technical indicators (and the signals they give us) must be handled with great caution as they may mind is prone to give up a position too early, perhaps revealing that the market is about to reverse its trend. But this will not happen.

How to behave in managing successful trade?

So, if the first useful method to exit the market is reading it, you might choose a second path is that of the trailing stop which is the stop order that is moved progressively towards us to pursue a trade that is giving us a profit.

The indications that the trailing stop gives us are quite correct in most cases, but there is a limit: you can never leave the ends of the market, even if the other side you’ll discover how you can optimize anyway, even if a longer period of time, your profits.

The idea, ultimately, is that when a position is gaining, it is necessary to “return to the market” more than half or one third of what you’ve seen as profit on paper.

Among the recommendations most appropriate for you to understand the relationship you should have a winning trade, here are the words of Joe Ross, an expert in trading worldwide: “When you’re riding a winning trade, avoid looking at him continuously. The best way to earn in the markets is to take care of your winning positions. Admire them, apprezzale. Let it grow, unfold it, and give you profits. ”

Tips: investments to avoid in 2016

2016 is seen by economic experts as a transition year, where you should start slowly towards a reassessment on just the economic and financial equilibrium of the world.

One thing is certain: the launch of the new year has confirmed that they will be months more details, with the same characteristic and balances that will be important to know how to move looking for the security of certain investment outcome, avoiding the more risky choices.

That’s why we at Ciak! Trading today we show you 3 types of investments that you should put aside during the course of 2016, because to be considered too risky when compared to the economy and world stock markets.

1. Investment Insurance

Issued by insurance companies, such securities are pitfalls that would be better to keep away. And we talk about transparency and ease of management, which are often missing in the insurance field, where it is easier to get grits that can really earn something.

Not to mention that this is a very expensive investment. And this is not a factor underestimated.

2. Mutual Funds

Here again, better stay away. Investments of this kind are characterized by expensive products, which provide for payment of a fee either at the entry and during the entire period in which the investment is maintained.

3. Covered bonds

Here the investment is not so much to avoid the burden of acolytes, but under a far from easy management of securities.

Relationships with banks are – by definition – something complicated. And that’s why managing bonds issued by a bank is not exactly the best scenario desirable for a trader who seeks to build his fortune during 2016.

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