Betposition is a very difficult EA for Forex

Betposition EA is one of the most important instrument for Forex trading. Many of our friend say its very difficult for him. But we think its really easy for Trading. Betposition EA working with Martingale strategy, we can use it in any time frame as it is based on the distance of the pips we want to configure. It has come to our hands by different source and this Profitable Trading EA called “Betposition” we’ve been trying to see how it works and it is based to open trade. It works very similar to one Trading System that we posted a while ago, you can see it here → Sure-Fire Hedging EA. The difference it is that you do not use stop loss and when an trade loses the contrary opens with twice lot (Martingale).

                    How does Betposition EA work?

The Trading Robot have to tell every few pips want to open our trades if these go against, so if we say 10 pips when such buy and trade back about 10 pips lost the Trading Robot sell with the batch twice.


From there if the price falls only sell and if it rises from the first purchase only buy, always bending position.

That leads to a very high risk, these Bet-position EA trading should not be used in real accounts, provided to Demo and until are not sure of its performance and reliability work well in your real account, rest assured that you will lose all your money.


To configure this Trading EA we use one more digit, you see in the following EA setting field STEP , to be 10 pips we put 100 because most platforms work with 5 digits . That we also do to the Stop Loss and Take Profit.

This Trading EA share it with you, so you can create your own settings, you must change the ” Step “and” Profit Close “to find the combination that best suits your Trading and security will contribute more.

The next default setting is MORTAL , do not use in your live account please, investigates and squeeze your brain to look for good results. We always suggest that you must take trade by yourself. Don’t forget it.

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