Traders often enters the freshmen to the forex market a number of erroneous thinking patterns. The people who are newly Forex trading market they seem to think and behave in the same way on almost very opposite of what they should do in order to win consistently.

The ideas you have about how to succeed in trading is ultimately what determines your destiny in the market, and is often committed by traders errors such as the belief that they need to analyze greater information about the market or found on many of the time-frames and a lot of currency pairs, and I will work on dispel this common belief among other things. This article will provide you some insights professional to think about to seize a lot of trading opportunities, you follow the tips in this article will be improved ways in the near future.

I know that many little in the forex market, do not waste a lot of your time in the market analysis.
• Stay away a little from the computer screen

Once you’ve determined what to look for in the market, to sit in front of the computer screen will not be any meaning only overwork your eyes until the redness If the form you are looking for is not present, however Many traders fall into that mistake, to commence a search for one of the models on a frameworks Time, it did not find him moved to another window, it did not find it again begin to read the news or read the articles money to convince themselves that something, and then they enter one of the losing trades likely.

If easiest solution to stop this aseptic analysis, which does not benefit from it is to force yourself to get away on the computer screen, and the search for a hobby or going to the gym or call one of your friends or helping a neighbor, it is important that you do anything to just yourself dealing with computer as soon as the end of the search for one of the models for some time and decide not to pose after the trading screen, and the many traders to enter with the possibility of low-profit transactions just wanting to trading, or feeling the need to, and this principle of thinking will lead to the loss of money and time.

Market lose at specific times from the beginning, the model you want in circulation has not has not formed yet, then pulled away for some time, and Mark shows you what the market is submitted it rather than trying to guess the order or impose your will upon to no avail.

• Use the daily charts of trading

Then trading on daily charts only in the first beginnings of your trade, either the model may pose or not, and do not try assumption is one of the models while it was formed in fact, it was not clear on the daily charts screen it is likely that he does not deserve his choice trading, customize certain times a day you look in the daily charts of some of the major currency pairs all models, and any model the movement of the price at the level of overlap and convergence and-formed clearly as if he were waving to you in his hand, and after mastering the use of model or two models strategy of price movement, the not find it on the charts screen during the analysis after the passage of 10 to 20 minutes, there is no likely deals for trading at this hour, you should be aware that if there is no clear model and the benefit of trading, then your stay away until the arrival date Find the next day , do not sit still and then think about until you find a way to one of the deals, you do so when you are trying to control the market and this is impossible.

Be aware of the importance of trading records and plans.
• Keep records of trading as you do in business activity

It is important to think about trading in the forex market and deal with it like a business activity, many traders are acting in the market as if they were inside the casino and they attract gambling machine mechanism arm over and over again, and blind their eyes Hope false and greed, and the easiest way to avoid the fate of these traders is that documenting your trades, and keep a record of trading includes all determinants of your transactions and act as a permanent achievement record, always reminds you that trading in the forex market must deal with him as a commercial activity, if keen to do this matter, and maintained a renovation that record before and after each trading deal you make, you’ll have something concrete makes you feel accountable.

I work hard on the design of graphical table “Asebred Shit” suitable committed with attendance to make amendments to it in each time you enter it or come out of one of the deals, you will find in the end that you will not want to spoil your trade log to enter trading parameters are not commensurate with the good model standards for trading , and will prepares you gradually Trading History to enjoy Banillatk because the more stuck to more Plan your trade and update a record Tdaok on time, continued success in trading, since it is difficult to maintain this discipline and organization, you will not want their time wasted all the achievements of accessing the wrong deal because of Strain.

• Use specific trading plans from the beginning
Keeping a record of modern trading is not the same degree of importance such as to have a specific trading plan from the beginning, but your trading regularly update a record should be part of the overall plan your trading. At least in the early stages of the journey your trading in the Forex market, you should have a concrete and written and specific trading from the beginning plan, and this does not mean you should make trading is automated or non-flexible manner, but means that you need to find a way to see your stride following in the market before embarking on the choice of the deal. For example, if you found a model for the candle, “Ben Bar” in favor of trading on the daily charts screen, you may be guide you first your trading plan to do with determining the amount of dollars that would risk him in the deal and determine the level makes sense to stop loss, and then trying to find profits of not less than twice the size of the amount of risk. Once you have set the opening of the determinants of the deal, then select the strategy before the closing of the transaction initiated, says in yourself, “Do I stop when ordered to track down the market index moves in my favor or do I just set the deal and leave the rest of the market?” Trading in the forex market Plan of the guide is that you use in determining your actions from the beginning when they receive one of the candles models suitable for trading to eyewitnesses, after Avctag of the deal, and in this way you will not re-think and act when you have an open market transaction.

Pay particular attention
• Do not analyze a lot of currency pairs
Specialization is the way you are making money through it in any profession of professions in this world, you can not simply that know how to do everything, but you can be good at one thing, in fact, Valmtdaulin who are trying to analyze 40 different pairs of currencies in several time frames seeking In fact proficiency lot of things, it is already possible to remain with the mentality of preponderant when trying a lot of different market variables analysis, the issue turns into a sterile analysis useless. He committed three to five pairs of major currencies, and learn how to movement in the market, and differences Statistics among themselves, and committed to trading on daily charts only in the beginning, and even after you become more experienced you will find that you gravitate towards a limited range of currency pairs, there is no need to stress yourself in the search for models to trade in a variety of currency pairs, all you need is a model or two every week in order to achieve a constant income from the market.

• perfected the use of one model at a time
The work on the mastery of one model the movement of price completely each time have to become a trader professional and successful use of price movement, rather than focusing on many of the models at the beginning of the journey your trading, and select one model favored by much focused on his mastery on the daily charts in pairs Screen currencies that are looking for, and when you can achieve a constant of demo money income in this one model the movement of the price, for a period of 2 to 3 months, you can after the experience in a real trading account, if I kept check fixed money income in real account this Ped model Then return to the demo trading experience, and the latest model, and repeat the process until you have a few reliable trading models in your trading toolbox.

Be honest with yourself
• Do not imagine getting rich quickly
Most novice traders incredible with themselves about how much money that can be achieved due to the small size of the amount of money that they have in their trading account, you simply will not achieve a steady income for living full-time from trading in the forex market in the amount of $ 1,000 dollars in your trading account, at least not In the beginning, if risk management you can be really effective in every transaction you make, you will not achieve a lot of money very quickly, and if you do not risk management effectively in each deal, the lucky and win some big deals, but in the end will respond all your earnings to the market during a state of emotional imbalance due to trading errors.

Whenever convinced early in the first stages of the journey your trading that success in trading is a long marathon, not a hundred meter race, and arrived quickly to your goals trader, and most novice traders want to achieve gains strongly from the market to the point that they commit in the end of trading emotional mistakes, but ironically they are Tgosaihm away for their goals of achieving a fixed entry of money in the markets. You must accept the idea that you will not become wealthy overnight from the outset of trading in the Forex market, and will start trading mentality sends more to achieve a constant of market income, it should be your goal is to achieve steady profits, even if it were not large sums of money impressive.

• Be the director of risk
Consider yourself during training like a manager professional risk management, and I’m not a trader or gambler, the more focused more on risk management effectively, made a lot of money, it is very necessary to learn to evaluate all trading in terms of the proportion of the risk to the profit model, and that you have a fixed amount of dollars you can lose all the goodwill in each trade deal, in the sense that you can sleep during the night and this amount at stake, nor have to worry about the deal, because you as a manager of risk learning that trading the movement of price models, when they are traded properly, will bring you profits over the long term , so it should not affect any deal on never losing Nvsik nor on the level of your performance in the market.


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