cycle identifier wave Entry indicator system

cycle identifier wave Entry indicator system

“cycle identifier wave Entry” System is mainly a trend-momentum following system designed for trading Forex market. The methods used with this system are powerful and effective. By this system you will more relax and watch where price will go.

The system is using different indicators to identify the major trend and show you the best entry/exit points. The system is also equipped with powerful support and resistance indicators with band area that we’ll be using to place stop loss and targets.

Use Time Frame H30 or higher for get best result for it. We always prefer Time Frame H4. you may also use your trading system in H4. Money making fast rules is be see as like you are a tiger.So wait and see and do it what you want not hurry.

Currency pairs what you use by this system : Any pair. All pair work well by “Swing n power system”this system.

                             Metatrader Indicators

cycle identifier show you the last moment of trend reverse and  wave Entry show you where you can take it.

                             How to entry:

Buy Signal
show the picture.

Sell Signal
show the picture.

                          Stops & Targets

For stops and targets we’re going to use the support/resistance levels/areas indicators or bands of the polynomial regression. On the other hand we always prefer 2%-6% money management tool.Use it to create your profit maximize.

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Cycle identifier 



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    thanks for sharing, one question, the cycle indicator will repaint?

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