Free Online Forex Trading Systems : Simple Approaches for Noobs

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It is not a secret that on a successful trading strategy depends the half of a profitable career at Forex market. Without reliable free online Forex trading systems to use a noob will be disappointed soon enough in the whole process of trading. That is why we offer few free online Forex trading systems for beginners who make their first steps in currency trading at FX market.

Free Online Forex trading Systems: “Fluctuations 123”

This time we will discuss free online Forex trading systems tempered by time. This particular Forex strategy is based on determining support and resistance levels and trading post of the breakout. Trading strategy requires only open schedule, and there are no restrictions on time or currency pair.

Rules of entry: As soon as the price will go through the main line – the dotted line in the figure below (drawn using the latest price peak) – and closes higher (for an uptrend) or below the line (downstream) set the buy / sell accordingly.
Exit rules: do not set. However, the output can be found if we use Fibonacci method, or the trader can measure the distance between point 2 and 3 and plan it on the chart to exit.
Peculiarities of these free online Forex trading systems:
  • As an additional tool for filtering signals the trader can use the indicator MACD (12,26,9). Rule for the input can be read – consider Sell-order.
  • When the price starts to “attack” our support line if you check the MACD is still in Sell mode (both lines are pointing downward), then once the price closes below the support line – set the sell order.

MaxMin Method as one of available free online Forex trading systems

This particular method refers to a number of simple and profitable free online Forex trading systems. For committing this trading strategy requires the following conditions: when three or more consecutive candles should be in a stripe in the direction of the order, it may indicate that the trend is going to install. It is based on the maximum and minimal points of this sequence of candles expose the pending orders. When the price breaks through the maximum point triggers an order to buy and when to break through the minimum point of the running order for the sale.

Installation: 15 pips for both (S/L Take-profit), a 5-minute chart.

Free online Forex trading systems: “Return of MAC”

This is another simple and popular Forex trading strategy used by intraday traders, and is based on the use of a slow moving average (SMA) and the rapid or exponential moving average (EMA).

The basic rules of trading strategy: when the EMA crosses the SMA from the bottom up, set a long position and when the SMA EMA crosses down, then set a short position. Moving average filters out the noise well and determine profitable free online Forex trading systems and signals.

To use a trading strategy set in a period of 8 EMA and SMA indicator every 120 stop loss and take profit 15 pips, used a 15-minute schedule.

This trading strategy works well in sideways with trend direction faster moving average is almost no time to cross the slow moving average. Good results were obtained using EMA in period 8, while the SMA 55.

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